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The Making Of Shark And Man – Getting The Look

The Shark documentary Of Shark and Man has continued to release their "Making Of" and "Behind The Scenes".The film, 5 year in the making,...

Florida Lionfish War Heats Up

The issue of the Indo-Pacific native Lionfish taking over the waters of Florida and into the Caribbean and up the US Atlantic coast is...
Of Shark And Man Title

Of Shark And Man Nominated For Three Awards At The Nice International Film Festival

The documentary film "Of Shark and Man", that follows director David Diley as he helps to tell the untold conservation story of Shark Reef...
Unmanned Surface Drone Will Patrol The No-Fishing Zone Off The Pitcairn Islands

Unmanned Surface Drone To Patrol No-Fishing Zone Off Pitcairn Islands

Who says you need humans to prevent illegal fishing?The British government announced this month it would be using an unmanned surface drone to patrol...

The Making Of Shark and Man – Origins

The amazing Shark documentary Of Shark and Man has started releasing their "Making Of" behind the scenes videos with candid interviews with Director David...
Shark Zen - -T-shirt on model

Shark Zen: Helping Kids Experience The Ocean

Letting my eyes slowly drift over the various signs and banners attached to the hundreds of booths at the Port Salerno Seafood Festival, I...
Tropical Seas' Reef Safe Suncare products will soon be available in bio-safe bottles.

Reef Safe Suncare Products Found To Be Safe For Corals

Looks like there's at least one sunscreen that won't damage coral reefs.When Tropical Seas began production last month on packaging the company's Reef Safe...
The Project Aware foundation has expanded its 'Dive Against Debris' toolkits to 12 languages.

Project Aware’s ‘Dive Against Debris’ Toolkits Expanded To 12 Languages

Know any divers who avidly pick up marine trash from a favorite dive site and want to help them document what they find, but...
Discovery Deep - Radeau Team

Discovery Deep Aims to “Bring the Ocean Out of the Ocean”

Discovery Deep is an up and coming non-profit organization that, in the words of co-founder Frank Stopa is “a solution looking for a problem”....
Share Your Shark Images with Researchers

Citizen Scientist – Scuba Dive for Science

Looking for another excuse to go diving? Then become a citizen scientist and dive for science. One of the most time consuming, therefore most...
Of Shark And Man - Bull Sharks

David Diley On The Making Of “Of Shark & Man”

One of the great pleasures of being a journalist is in getting to know the people we interview for our stories. Here Associate Editor John Griffith catches up with Film Director David Diley about his 2015 film "Of Shark & Man".
Divesangha To Introduce New Eco-Friendly Calypso Clothing Line In March

Divesangha To Introduce Eco-Friendly Calypso Clothing Line In March

If you were at the London International Dive Show this past weekend, you probably got a sneak peek at Divesangha’s latest eco-friendly clothing line,...
A Plastic Ocean Film

Adventure Documentary “A Plastic Ocean” – 4 Years In The Making

A new feature-length adventure documentary film "A Plastic Ocean" has just released their first trailer that you can see below.The film has been shot...
Tropical Seas' Reef Safe Suncare products will soon be available in bio-safe bottles.

Reef Safe Suncare Begins Producing Bio-Safe Bottles

Tropical Seas has begun  production on packaging the company's Reef Safe SunCare products in new, plant-derived bio-resin bottles.Reef Safe is a biodegradable sunscreen that doesn't...
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