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Latest #MyPADI Video Features Surfer Mike Coots

Latest #MyPADI Video Features Shark-bite Survivor & Shark Advocate Mike Coots

Coinciding with all the excitement of Shark Week, PADI released the latest inspirational story of their #MyPADI series. The latest video follows surfer Mike Coots,...
Huge island of plastic rubbish found floating off Roatan

Huge Plastic Rubbish Island Found Floating Off Roatan

Shocking images taken off Roatan, show an island of floating plastic polluting our oceans
BBC To Air 'Blue Planet' Sequel (photo credit: Steve Benjamin/BBC)

Check Out This Podcast With ‘Blue Planet II’ Producer Orla Doherty

'Blue Planet II' producer talks about filming groundbreaking nature documentary
Of Shark And Man Title

Of Shark And Man Nominated For Three Awards At The Nice International Film Festival

The documentary film "Of Shark and Man", that follows director David Diley as he helps to tell the untold conservation story of Shark Reef...
Greenland Sharks Can Live To Be Ridiculously Old

Senior Sea Citizens: Greenland Sharks Can Live Up To 400 Years

Talk about taking a long time to get through puberty: Scientists recently discovered that the Greenland Shark reaches maturity at 150 years old, and...
Should A Large Hook Be Removed By Hand From A Shark's Mouth? (Photo credit: Cassie Jensen)

Should A Large Hook Be Removed By Hand From A Shark’s Mouth?

So let's say you're diving among sharks in the Caribbean and you come across one with a big, honking hook stuck in its mouth....
NOAA Diver Sets Up Camera For Underwater VR Tour (Photo credit: Photo: Maya Walton/NOAA)

NOAA’s National Marine Sanctuaries Introduce ‘Virtual Dive Gallery’

If diving the USA's myriad underwater marine sanctuaries is on your bucket list but you have a spouse or partner who isn't into scuba...
Illegally caught sharks in the hold of a Chinese vessel in the Galapagos

Chinese Fishermen Jailed For Catching 300 Tons of Sharks In The Galapagos

Ecuadorian authorities capture a Chinese fishing vessel near the Galapagos with 300 tons of illegally fished sharks on board.
Stream2Sea Booth #753

You Asked, They Listened: Stream2Sea Debuts Two New Products at Customer Request

Stream2Sea's sustained growth reflects and multiplies awareness of ocean conservation.
A map of the US National Marine Sanctuaries system

Two New Proposed National Marine Sanctuaries Under Review

The National Marine Sanctuary System currently consists of 14 sanctuaries with two more on the way. Representatives from the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries were...
REEF Fest 2016 Scheduled For September 29-October 2

REEF Fest 2016 Scheduled For September 29-October 2

If you're a coral reef junkie and like doing "citizen science," the 2016 dates for a big, annual festival on that specific topic held...
'Sharkwater' Filmmaker Making New Documentary Exposing Companies That Use Shark Fin Products

‘Sharkwater’ Filmmaker Making New Documentary Exposing Companies That Use Shark Products

Rob Stewart, the filmmaker who made the award-winning movie "Sharkwater," is working on a new, shark-related movie project. The original "Sharkwater" exposed the exploitation and...
Season 2 Of 'The Aquatic World With Philippe Cousteau' Premieres October 20

Check Out The Trailer For Season 2 Of ‘The Aquatic World With Philippe Cousteau’

If you like watching quirky, ocean-related videos featuring environmental advocate Philippe Cousteau on your mobile device (or desktop computer or Apple TV or Roku,...
Cameraman films an iceberg in Antarctica

5 Marine Conservation Documentaries You Need to Watch Today

Documentaries have the ability to bring world issues into our living rooms and onto our laptop screens. They have the power to educate and...
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