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Ocean Advocacy is all about help to save and preserve our oceans. Explore Ocean Advocacy on DeeperBlue.com.

Rob Stewart's Sharkwater

VIDEO: Watch Rob Stewart’s 2006 Award Winning Documentary “Sharkwater”

After the shock of the news that Sharkwater director Rob Stewart died in the Florida Keys filming the follow up to his 2006 documentary,...
Kickstarter Campaign Underway For 'Wayan and the Turtle King' book

Kickstarter Campaign Underway For ‘Wayan And The Turtle King’ Book

There’s a new crowdfunding campaign underway for a bilingual book on the ocean and its connection to Indonesia. Yvette Bezuidenhout has written “Wayan And The Turtle...
World Ocean Observatory Proposing Interactive, Virtual Aquarium For Students

World Ocean Observatory Conducting Crowdfunding Campaign For A Virtual Aquarium For Students

Keep an eye out next month for a crowdsourcing campaign meant to fund a new interactive, virtual aquarium being proposed for students ages 10 and up to learn more about the world's oceans.
Dr. Sylvia Earle with Fabian Cousteau with he Avenue Altruism Award

Dr Sylvia Earle Awarded Avenue Altruism Award

Dr. Sylvia Earle given the Avenue Altruism Award at the United Nations
In August 2015 the team behind Racing Extinction broadcast images of endangered species onto the Empire State Building in New York to help promote the film

Reminder: “Racing Extinction” Airs Tonight At 9pm On Discovery

The global premiere of "Racing Extinction" - the documentary from the team behind the Oscar winning Documentary "The Cove" - will be occurring at...
Check Out Nekton's 360-Degree Virtual Reality Videos Of The Marianas Trench

Check Out Nekton’s 360-Degree Virtual Reality Videos Of The Marianas Trench

If you ever wondered what it was like to dive nearly seven miles/11 kilometers below the surface, British nonprofit research organization Nekton is in...
U.S. Scientists Developing New Lionfish Trap Designs (Photo Credit: Steve Gittings/NOAA)

U.S. Scientists Developing New Lionfish Trap Designs

With the numbers of Lionfish growing quickly in the waters off the Southeastern United States, a variety of solutions have been proposed to help...
Shark week trailer with rock star Seal

More Women Take Center Stage On Discovery Channel’s ‘Shark Week’

Discovery Channel’ Shark Week finally broadcasts programs featuring the work of female shark researchers.
Documenting the dead coral after the bleaching event at Lizard Island on the Great Barrier Reef, captured by The Ocean Agency / XL Catlin Seaview Survey in May 2016.

Scientist Have Cause For Optimism About The Great Barrier Reef

Badly bleached parts of the great barrier reef appear to be recovering.
Discovery Deep - Radeau Team

Discovery Deep Aims to “Bring the Ocean Out of the Ocean”

Discovery Deep is an up and coming non-profit organization that, in the words of co-founder Frank Stopa is “a solution looking for a problem”....
Industrial Divers Corp. diver removes tires from ocean floor. (Photo credit: Industrial Divers Corp.)

Using Tires To Make An Artificial Reef Sometimes Isn’t The Best Idea

Sometimes what seems to be a good idea can wind up being terrible in hindsight. Take, for example, an effort in the 1970s to create...
Ships to Reefs President Joseph Weatherby

Ships to Reefs Sinks Boats From Our Past To Ensure Our Ocean’s Future

DeeperBlue.com stopped by the Ships to Reefs booth at DEMA Show 2016 and chatted with organization President Joseph Weatherby about the group's continuing mission and how it has been changing...
School of sharks circling from above

Fascinating Lesser Known Shark Facts

Love them or loathe them, sharks are undoubtedly some of the most fascinating species on the planet. As divers, many of us spend a...

Rare Lobster Saved From The Stove

Tristan Wood, a sharp-eyed wholesale fishmonger, has saved a unique lobster from the pot. Wood runs 'The Lobster Pot'. This third generation family firm is based...
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