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Ocean Advocacy is all about help to save and preserve our oceans. Explore Ocean Advocacy on DeeperBlue.com.

Rare seahorses born in aquarium

More than 120 endangered baby short-snouted seahorses have been born at a Hampshire aquarium (UK).  Their birth, at Portsmouth's Blue Reef Aquarium, is part...

Parrotfish Protection required

ScienceDaily (Nov. 5, 2007) — Coral reefs could be damaged beyond repair, unless we change the way we manage the marine environment. New research...

Dolphins generate millions for New Zealand

A report from FHR suggests that dolphin watching made 24 million dollars for New Zealand's tourism industry last year.Ministry of tourism figures sourced by...
Lesley Rochat

A shark, a woman.. and a growing dream

Writer Jeff Ayliffe talks to Lesley Rochat, a shark conservationalist in South Africa, and tells her amazing story
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