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Invasive Lionfish in Carribean Waters

Could Caribbean Lionfish Be A Hybrid Superfish?

Latest genetic research on Caribbean Lionfish discovers that the majority are a hybrid superfish of two different Lionfish species.
Of Shark And Man - Bull Sharks

David Diley On The Making Of “Of Shark & Man”

One of the great pleasures of being a journalist is in getting to know the people we interview for our stories. Here Associate Editor John Griffith catches up with Film Director David Diley about his 2015 film "Of Shark & Man".
Free-diver Julia Wheeler swims through three tonnes of rubbish in Bali

Freediver Ends Up Swimming Through Tons Of Rubbish

Free diver Julia Wheeler ends up swimming through several tons of rubbish in the sea off Bali
Great White takes a camera for a wild ride

Nat Geo Releases Footage Of A Great White Taking A Camera For a Wild...

Great White shark takes a research camera for a wild ride.
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