Ocean Advocacy

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Shark Diving in Guadalupe

Scientists Recreate Sharks’ ‘Sixth Sense’

Scientists recreate a shark’s sixth sense ability.
Take the pledge and stop using straws

Take The Pledge And Stop Using Straws To Protect The Ocean

Adrian Grenier Introduces the #stopsucking campaign to reduce the amount of plastics in our oceans
Blue Planet Infographic

Where Is All The Wildlife Documented In ‘Blue Planet’ Located?

Check out this cool infographic on where to find the animals featured in the 'Blue Planet' documentaries.
7 Christmas Gifts That Give Back to the Ocean

7 Christmas Gifts That Give Back to the Ocean

Whether you’re shopping for a loved one or looking for inspiration for your own Christmas list, why not consider a gift that gives back to the ocean?
REEF Fest 2017 another success

REEF Fest 2017 A Great Success

REEF fest 2017 was another success for Key Largo and the Reef Environmental Education Foundation.
Shark Dragged Behind Boat In Florida

Three Men Arrested For Abusing Live Shark

Three men turned themselves in to Florida police this week for having allegedly dragged a live shark behind their boat at high speed over the summer. 
A map of the US National Marine Sanctuaries system

U.S. Government Report Recommends Changes To National Marine Monuments

A U.S. government report is recommending changes to National Marine Monuments.
Freediver Mandy-Rae Krack Delivers Keynote Speech At Royal Ontario Museum

Freediver Mandy-Rae Krack Delivers Keynote Speech At Royal Ontario Museum

Mandy-Rae Krack recently spoke at an ocean advocacy conference in Toronto, Canada.
Stream2Sea introduces Boat-Sized Bottles

Stream2Sea introduces Boat-Sized Bottles

Stream2Sea introduces boat sized bottles of their Eco friendly products
Juvenile sharks at Keelung Fish Market.

Shark Awareness Sorely Lacking In The UK

A staggering 64% of British people wish that sharks do not exist.
Is The Great Barrier Reef A ‘Last-Chance’ Destination?

Coral Transplants Could Save The Great Barrier Reef

Coral transplants offer a new hope to the corals of the Great barrier reef.
Surfers can capture key coastal data

Surfers, Divers Could Help Gather Data About Coastal Warming

Scientist want to recruit surfers and scuba divers to monitor coastal water temperatures.
Great White takes a camera for a wild ride

Nat Geo Releases Footage Of A Great White Taking A Camera For a Wild...

Great White shark takes a research camera for a wild ride.
Dr. Sylvia Earle with Fabian Cousteau with he Avenue Altruism Award

Dr Sylvia Earle Awarded Avenue Altruism Award

Dr. Sylvia Earle given the Avenue Altruism Award at the United Nations
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