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Project AWARE Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Silent Auction

Project AWARE Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Silent Auction

Project AWARE is celebrating its silver anniversary with a silent auction.
Closeup of Colorful drinking straws background.

U.K. Pub Chain To Ban Plastic Straws

JD Weatherspoon announces that its Pubs will be free of plastic straws by 2018
Blue Planet II

BBC Earth Releases Blue Planet II Trailer And It Is Epic

BBC releases trailer for Blue Planet II, and it is utterly Epic
PADI Joins Forces With Ghost Gear Initiative (Photo credit: Global Ghost Gear Initiative)

PADI Joins Forces With Global Ghost Gear Initiative

PADI joins forces with the Global Ghost Gear Initiative, to fight the threat of lost fishing gear
Nemo's garden shows off its progress after two years

Nemo’s Garden Showcases Its Successes After Two Years

Ocean Reef Group showcases its success and development of the Nemo's Garden Project.
FLAQ+NAUI_sign an agreement of cooperation

NAUI And Florida Aquarium Sign Partnership Agreement

NAUI and the Florida Aquarium launch a collaboration to promote their shared ideas and values
Free-diver Julia Wheeler swims through three tonnes of rubbish in Bali

Freediver Ends Up Swimming Through Tons Of Rubbish

Free diver Julia Wheeler ends up swimming through several tons of rubbish in the sea off Bali
World Ocean Observatory Proposing Interactive, Virtual Aquarium For Students

World Ocean Observatory Conducting Crowdfunding Campaign For A Virtual Aquarium For Students

Keep an eye out next month for a crowdsourcing campaign meant to fund a new interactive, virtual aquarium being proposed for students ages 10 and up to learn more about the world's oceans.
Dr. Sylvia Earle to be honoured by time magazine

Dr. Sylvia Earle Recognised In Time Magazine Book

Time Magazine to Honour Dr. Sylvia Earle with a Chapter in their New Book
Plastic floating in the ocean

5 Amazing Products Made With Plastic Recycled From The Ocean

Discover five amazing products made with recycled plastic, ranging from high-end clothing to skateboards and carpet tile.
Shark Attack Seal Close To Shore,Surfers Narrowly Escape

Shark Attacks Seal Very Close To Shore

Great white shark causes panic after it attacks a seal within a stone’s throw of the water’s edge in Cape Cod.
Southwest Reef, New Providence, Bahamas

Activist Fights To Keep Bahamian Waters Clean

Project AWARE is celebrating individual activists and members around the world of their adopt a dive site initiative.
Illegally caught sharks in the hold of a Chinese vessel in the Galapagos

Chinese Fishermen Jailed For Catching 300 Tons of Sharks In The Galapagos

Ecuadorian authorities capture a Chinese fishing vessel near the Galapagos with 300 tons of illegally fished sharks on board.
Dive Against Debris Mobile App Bring to the surface

Project AWARE Launches Dive Against Debris App

Project AWARE has launched a new mobile app, to better record marine debris and pollution
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