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RAID International has launched a Whale Shark specialty course.

RAID Launches Whale Shark Specialty Course

There’s definitely something that whale sharks have that captures the imagination of just about every diver who’s had the privilege of swimming with these...
A female scuba diver

10 Top Female Divers In The Diving World Today

Whilst diving (of all types) still is seen very much as a macho and manly set of sports, it's refreshing to see articles like...
Blue Planet 2 Coming Soon

BBC To Air ‘Blue Planet’ Sequel

Ever watched, mesmerized, ocean creatures cavorting through the water in the 2001 documentary "The Blue Planet"? Well, the BBC recently announced it would be airing...
Of Shark and Man Artwork

Shark Docu-Film ‘Of Shark And Man’ Now Available To Buy Or Rent

Shark documentary Of Shark And Man is now available to buy and rent internationally after securing a distributing deal.  The film, 7 years in...
Nemo's garden shows off its progress after two years

Nemo’s Garden Showcases Its Successes After Two Years

Ocean Reef Group showcases its success and development of the Nemo's Garden Project.
Juvenile sharks at Keelung Fish Market.

Shark Awareness Sorely Lacking In The UK

A staggering 64% of British people wish that sharks do not exist.
Of Shark And Man Title

Of Shark And Man Nominated For Three Awards At The Nice International Film Festival

The documentary film "Of Shark and Man", that follows director David Diley as he helps to tell the untold conservation story of Shark Reef...
Writer/Photographer Al Hornsby has released 'Face To Face', a book chock-full of underwater photos

Writer/Photographer Al Hornsby Has A New Book Out

If you're the type who loves leafing through books filled with beautiful underwater photos, diving and wildlife photographer Al Hornsby may have something just...
Sustainable Christmas Present Ideas For Divers

Sustainable Christmas Present Ideas For Divers

Christmas is coming soon, shops are getting busier and cheesy songs are on auto-repeat. The dreaded Christmas shopping experience isn't getting any easier. I...
Conservation Groups Denounce Fishing Of Endangered Devil Rays in Turkey (Photo Credit: Daniel Van Duinkerken)

Conservation Groups Denounce Fishing Of Endangered Devil Rays in Turkey

The recent landings of 30 Giant Devil Rays off the Turkish coast has seriously ticked off several conservation groups. According to Turkish news reports published...
Latest #MyPADI Video Features Surfer Mike Coots

Latest #MyPADI Video Features Shark-bite Survivor & Shark Advocate Mike Coots

Coinciding with all the excitement of Shark Week, PADI released the latest inspirational story of their #MyPADI series. The latest video follows surfer Mike Coots,...
Huge island of plastic rubbish found floating off Roatan

Huge Plastic Rubbish Island Found Floating Off Roatan

Shocking images taken off Roatan, show an island of floating plastic polluting our oceans
BBC To Air 'Blue Planet' Sequel (photo credit: Steve Benjamin/BBC)

Check Out This Podcast With ‘Blue Planet II’ Producer Orla Doherty

'Blue Planet II' producer talks about filming groundbreaking nature documentary
A map of the US National Marine Sanctuaries system

Two New Proposed National Marine Sanctuaries Under Review

The National Marine Sanctuary System currently consists of 14 sanctuaries with two more on the way. Representatives from the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries were...
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