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PADI Joins Forces With Ghost Gear Initiative (Photo credit: Global Ghost Gear Initiative)

PADI Joins Forces With Global Ghost Gear Initiative

PADI joins forces with the Global Ghost Gear Initiative, to fight the threat of lost fishing gear
Dr. Sylvia Earle with Fabian Cousteau with he Avenue Altruism Award

Dr Sylvia Earle Awarded Avenue Altruism Award

Dr. Sylvia Earle given the Avenue Altruism Award at the United Nations
NAUI Green Diver Initiative Planning Big Harbor Clean-Up In Florida

NAUI’s Green Diver Initiative Launches New Grant Program

The National Association of Underwater Instructors' Green Diver Initiative recently launched a new grant program for NAUI members and affiliate partners. The Dive4Change Grant Program...
Plastic carrier bags and other garbage pollution in ocean

Step Up And Become a Citizen of Trash Isle

Trash Isle is seeking additional “citizens” to support their petition to join the United Nations. Trash Isle is not a really island, it is a cute name for an ugly condition called the Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch or the North Pacific Subtropical High. LADbible Group and the Plastic Oceans Foundation have joined forces to raise awareness of the conditions of our world oceans and the plastic it now contains. There is over 30 millions tonnes of plastic created each year and an estimated 8 million tonnes of it ends up as trash in our waterways and then out to the oceans.
Fabien Cousteau Helping To Bring 3D Coral Printing Technology To Bonaire

Fabien Cousteau Helping To Bring 3D Coral Printing Technology To Bonaire

The Caribbean island of Bonaire will soon be getting artificial coral reefs manufactured via 3D printing technology. Ocean advocate Fabien Cousteau and Bonaire's Harbour Village...
Of Shark And Man - Bull Sharks

David Diley On The Making Of “Of Shark & Man”

One of the great pleasures of being a journalist is in getting to know the people we interview for our stories. Here Associate Editor John Griffith catches up with Film Director David Diley about his 2015 film "Of Shark & Man".
Scientists: Dive Computers Can Play A Role In Measuring Ocean Temperatures, Climate Change (Photo credit: National Facility for Scientific Diving)

Scientists: Your Dive Computer Can Play A Role In Measuring Ocean Temperatures, Climate Change

Turns out your dive computer can be used for more than just logging how deep and how long you dove. A study just published in...
5 Top Reasons Why Sharks Are Good For The Planet

5 Top Reasons Why Sharks Are Good For The Planet

Sharks are magnificent and majestic creatures that rule the oceans. They can either provide an experience of a lifetime for scuba divers or one...

Protecting What We Love – a Look Back At Wakatobi’s Pioneering Reef Conservation Programs

In 2015, Wakatobi Dive Resort celebrates it's 20th anniversary. The years have been good to us, as we have grown from a simple diving...
DEMA Show 2015

VIDEO: DEMA Show 2015 Video Coverage

As part of the DeeperBlue.com coverage of DEMA Show 2015 in Orlando, FL we had a team of roving reporters completing video interviews with...

Fourth Element Launches OceanPositive Eco-Swimwear Range

Fourth Element, the world's leading technical and leisure divewear company has launched their eco-range of swimwear that we first saw at the DEMA Show...

Ocean Focussed International Poster Contest For Youth Announces Theme For 2017/18

The Theme for the International Poster Contest for Youth has been announced for 2017-2018, and it is Human Exploration of The Oceans.

Walk One F’in Mile For Shark Conservation

Shark and Marine Conservation Charity Bite-Back and diving equipment manufacturer Mares are looking for divers to do something silly for shark conservation this summer...
The SUSiE Chronicles: Jumping Off The Cataraman

The SUSiE Chronicles: Life Aboard An Exploration Science Expedition

My name is Mallory Morgan and I recently graduated from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego, California. This past July I joined...
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