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Racing Extinction

Change Your View On The World – Documentary “Racing Extinction” Airs Tomorrow

The team behind the Oscar Winning documentary "The Cove" are getting ready to watch the global premiere of their new documentary "Racing Extinction" on...

Rare seahorses born in aquarium

More than 120 endangered baby short-snouted seahorses have been born at a Hampshire aquarium (UK).  Their birth, at Portsmouth's Blue Reef Aquarium, is part...
Fabien Cousteau Helping To Bring 3D Coral Printing Technology To Bonaire

Fabien Cousteau Helping To Bring 3D Coral Printing Technology To Bonaire

The Caribbean island of Bonaire will soon be getting artificial coral reefs manufactured via 3D printing technology. Ocean advocate Fabien Cousteau and Bonaire's Harbour Village...
Rob Stewart, Sharkwater Director

Body Of ‘Sharkwater’ Director Rob Stewart Recovered

A 6,000 square mile search of the ocean for filmmaker Rob Stewart concludes after his body is found on the bottom of the ocean
‘Planet Earth II’ Premieres On BBC America on January 28th

Planet Earth II Snags Two BAFTA Awards

The BBC's Planet Earth II nature documentary recently won a pair of British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards. The show won BAFTAs for...
Dr. Sylvia Earle to be honoured by time magazine

Dr. Sylvia Earle Recognised In Time Magazine Book

Time Magazine to Honour Dr. Sylvia Earle with a Chapter in their New Book
Blue Planet II Shows Footage Of Pilot Whale Mother Refusing To Leave Side Of Dead Calf

Blue Planet II Shows Footage Of Pilot Whale Mother Refusing To Leave Side Of...

Blue Planet II shows distressing footage of a pilot whale mother refusing to leave the side of her dead calf.
Stream2sea Reef Safe Sunscreen

Stream2Sea Announces Tinted Sunscreen

Stream2Sea introduces a new coral safe tinted sunscreen.
Share Your Shark Images with Researchers

Citizen Scientist – Scuba Dive for Science

Looking for another excuse to go diving? Then become a citizen scientist and dive for science. One of the most time consuming, therefore most...

Lionfish Now Invading The Mediterranean Sea

If you thought Lionfish were a problem only off South Florida and the Caribbean, think again. The Mediterranean Sea is the latest area to see...
Bull Shark Adopted By Pro Dive International

Bull Shark Adopted By Pro Dive International

Mexican diving resort Pro Dive International recently announced it had adopted a bull shark that inhabits the waters off the Riviera Maya. Maria Jose Lledo,...
Sport Diver Bahamas Diving Bash - may include Sharks

Shark Tourism Is A Big Money-Maker In The Bahamas

There clearly is money to be made in the shark tourism business in the Bahamas. The dive industry in the Bahamas generates nearly US$114 million/108.4...
Fourth Element Ocean Positive Range

Global Dive Clothing Brand Fourth Element Teams Up With Retailer FatFace

The future health of the Oceans should be on everyone’s mind.  So says a collaboration of the FatFace Foundation, Fourth Element, and World Animal Protection.
Thailand to ban smoking on 20 popular beaches

Thailand To Introduce Smoking Ban On 20 Beaches

Thailand has banned smoking on 20 of it’s most popular beaches.
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