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RAID International has launched a Whale Shark specialty course.

RAID Launches Whale Shark Specialty Course

There’s definitely something that whale sharks have that captures the imagination of just about every diver who’s had the privilege of swimming with these...
Is The Great Barrier Reef A ‘Last-Chance’ Destination?

Is Australia’s Great Barrier Reef A ‘Last-Chance’ Destination?

While diving Australia's Great Barrier Reef is most likely on just about every diver’s Bucket List, it looks like a fair number of divers...
Porn Star "Shark Attack" Viral Video Is Fake

Shark Expert Exposes Viral Video Of “Shark Biting” Adult Film Star As Fake

If you are one of the 13 million people who has seen the viral video this week of Adult Film star Molly Cavalli being supposedly...
A map of the US National Marine Sanctuaries system

Two New Proposed National Marine Sanctuaries Under Review

The National Marine Sanctuary System currently consists of 14 sanctuaries with two more on the way. Representatives from the Office of National Marine Sanctuaries were...

NAUI Green Diver Initiative Planning Big Harbor Clean-Up In Florida

NAUI's Green Diver Initiative is in the midst of planning a big diver clean-up event of the downtown Tampa, Florida harbor and channel waterways...
‘Planet Earth II’ Premieres On BBC America on January 28th

Planet Earth II Snags Two BAFTA Awards

The BBC's Planet Earth II nature documentary recently won a pair of British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards. The show won BAFTAs for...
Industrial Divers Corp. diver removes tires from ocean floor. (Photo credit: Industrial Divers Corp.)

Using Tires To Make An Artificial Reef Sometimes Isn’t The Best Idea

Sometimes what seems to be a good idea can wind up being terrible in hindsight. Take, for example, an effort in the 1970s to create...

Rare seahorses born in aquarium

More than 120 endangered baby short-snouted seahorses have been born at a Hampshire aquarium (UK).  Their birth, at Portsmouth's Blue Reef Aquarium, is part...

Parrotfish Protection required

ScienceDaily (Nov. 5, 2007) — Coral reefs could be damaged beyond repair, unless we change the way we manage the marine environment. New research...

Lionfish Now Invading The Mediterranean Sea

If you thought Lionfish were a problem only off South Florida and the Caribbean, think again. The Mediterranean Sea is the latest area to see...
PADI Joins Forces With Ghost Gear Initiative (Photo credit: Global Ghost Gear Initiative)

PADI Joins Forces With Global Ghost Gear Initiative

PADI joins forces with the Global Ghost Gear Initiative, to fight the threat of lost fishing gear
Norman The Nurse Shark

Helping Kids Learn About Sharks – Bringing “Norman the Nurse Shark” To Life

Bringing an educational kids book to life takes some doing. Author Jillian Morris explains her journey with "Norman The Nurse Shark"
Shark Dragged Behind Boat In Florida

Search Is On For Two Individuals Filmed Abusing A Live Shark

Two Florida Men Sought after video of them abusing a live shark goes viral

Pharrel Williams Launches “Battle for Big Blue”

Grammy winning musical recording artist, Pharrell Williams, is debuting his first-ever video game app. The game, "Battle For Big Blue" will launch on Apple's...
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