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Northern Irish Waters Now Part Of The Marine Antiquities Scheme

The U.K.'s Marine Antiquities Scheme has been extended to the waters of Northern Ireland.
Shark week trailer with rock star Seal

More Women Take Center Stage On Discovery Channel’s ‘Shark Week’

Discovery Channel’ Shark Week finally broadcasts programs featuring the work of female shark researchers.
Shark Diving in Guadalupe

Scientists Recreate Sharks’ ‘Sixth Sense’

Scientists recreate a shark’s sixth sense ability.
NOAA College Scholarship Applications Due January 31st

NOAA College Scholarship Applications Due January 31st

NOAA college scholarship applications are due at the end of January
woman freediving underwater looking at a large whale shark in the Philippines

How Freediving With Baited Whale Sharks Is Actually Killing Them

While freediving with whale sharks looks harmless and fun, freediving with baited whale sharks is actually harming their diet, migratory patterns, and causing unnecessary injuries to them.
Volunteer Divers Prep Coral Fragments For Upcoming Hot Date

Volunteer Divers Prep Restored Grand Cayman Coral Reef For Upcoming Hot Date

Some restored coral off Grand Cayman is getting primped and beautified for an upcoming hot date. Dive volunteers are carefully combing and brushing a section...
Project AWARE contributes to the 12th Session of the CMS

UN Wildlife Treaty Produces Good Results For Sharks And Rays

Project AWARE reports on the result of the 12th Conservation of Migratory Species conference
Shark Dragged Behind Boat In Florida

Search Is On For Two Individuals Filmed Abusing A Live Shark

Two Florida Men Sought after video of them abusing a live shark goes viral
Cornell University and the University of Queensland are offering a free, online shark biology course.

Cornell, Queensland Universities Offering Free Online Shark Biology Course

Looks like this summer’s upcoming “Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel won’t be the only place you’ll be able to learn more about sharks. Cornell...
Local Divers Help Monitor Coral Reefs Off U.S. Virgin Islands (photo credit: NOAA)

Local Divers Help Monitor Coral Reefs Off U.S. Virgin Islands

Local divers in the U.S. Virgin Islands are helping monitor the beautiful coral reefs offshore, giving scientists valuable data that would otherwise be expensive...

Red Sea Shark Attack In Egypt

Egypt has seen a fatal shark attack on Sunday that claimed the life of a German tourist.  The 52 year old man died after...
Is The Great Barrier Reef A ‘Last-Chance’ Destination?

Is Australia’s Great Barrier Reef A ‘Last-Chance’ Destination?

While diving Australia's Great Barrier Reef is most likely on just about every diver’s Bucket List, it looks like a fair number of divers...
Documenting the dead coral after the bleaching event at Lizard Island on the Great Barrier Reef, captured by The Ocean Agency / XL Catlin Seaview Survey in May 2016.

Coral Bleaching – Is The Great Barrier Reef Really DEAD?

Back in June, I wrote an article titled Reefs Need Our Help Now. A small portion of that article was concerned with a coral...
Industrial Divers Corp. diver removes tires from ocean floor. (Photo credit: Industrial Divers Corp.)

Using Tires To Make An Artificial Reef Sometimes Isn’t The Best Idea

Sometimes what seems to be a good idea can wind up being terrible in hindsight. Take, for example, an effort in the 1970s to create...
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