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Shark Attack Seal Close To Shore,Surfers Narrowly Escape

Shark Attacks Seal Very Close To Shore

Great white shark causes panic after it attacks a seal within a stone’s throw of the water’s edge in Cape Cod.
Southwest Reef, New Providence, Bahamas

Activist Fights To Keep Bahamian Waters Clean

Project AWARE is celebrating individual activists and members around the world of their adopt a dive site initiative.
Illegally caught sharks in the hold of a Chinese vessel in the Galapagos

Chinese Fishermen Jailed For Catching 300 Tons of Sharks In The Galapagos

Ecuadorian authorities capture a Chinese fishing vessel near the Galapagos with 300 tons of illegally fished sharks on board.
Dive Against Debris Mobile App Bring to the surface

Project AWARE Launches Dive Against Debris App

Project AWARE has launched a new mobile app, to better record marine debris and pollution
Invasive Lionfish in Carribean Waters

Could Caribbean Lionfish Be A Hybrid Superfish?

Latest genetic research on Caribbean Lionfish discovers that the majority are a hybrid superfish of two different Lionfish species.
REEF Fest Celebrations

Celebrate Conservation With REEF Fest 2017 in Key Largo

REEF Fest to kick off for a weekend of celebrations at the end of September, to mark the positive impact of conservation on the Florida Keys

Ocean Focussed International Poster Contest For Youth Announces Theme For 2017/18

The Theme for the International Poster Contest for Youth has been announced for 2017-2018, and it is Human Exploration of The Oceans.
Avani Introduces A Fully Biodegradable, Edible Carrier Bag

Avani Introduces A Fully Biodegradable, Edible Carrier Bag

Avani brings to market a 100% Cassava based “Plastic” bag that is harmless to animals, and biodegradable.
Divers emerging from the sea after a Clean Up dive in Curacao

Dive Centres Band Together To Combat Marine Debris In Curacao

Curacao dive centres club together to combat the scourge of Marine debris
Crown of Thorns Starfish

Crown of Thorns – When Starfish Go Wild

Crown Of Thorns Starfish can be beautiful and essential to reef development, however, we look at what happens when they go wild and destructive
Skylar Thomas cuts himself in shark infested waters

Sharks Aren’t Driven Crazy By Smelling Human Blood

Diver cuts his hand on purpose to demonstrate that sharks are not mindless blood lusting monsters
Rob Stewart, Sharkwater Director

Coroner Rules Rob Stewart’s Death ‘Drowning’ By ‘Accident’

The local medical examiner for the Florida county where Rob Stewart died this past February has determined the filmmaker and conservationist came up for...
Shark Dragged Behind Boat In Florida

Fishing Tournament Bans Shark Draggers

Remember that recent video of fishermen infamously dragging a shark behind their speedboat?Well, looks like at least one tournament doesn’t want anything to do with...
Review - OceanPositive Women's Activewear

Review: Fourth Element’s OceanPositive Women’s Activewear

OceanPositive Activewear delivers on the promise of conservation and comfort. Associate Editor Erin gets a closer look at this eco-friendly range
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