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Aerial view of the great blue hole of the coast of Belize

Discovery Channel To Broadcast From The Bottom Of Belize’s Blue Hole

The Discovery Channel will broadcast a presentation from the bottom of the Belize Blue Hole on December 2, 2018.
Petition Campaign Underway To Make West Papua A 'Conservation Province'

Petition Campaign Underway To Make West Papua A ‘Conservation Province’

Three years ago, West Papua, New Guinea's provincial governor began to lay the foundation for setting up the region to become a "Conservation Province," or "Provinsi Konservasi."
BSAC steps up it campaign against single use plastic

BSAC Steps Up Its Campaign Against Single-Use Plastic

The British Sub-Aqua Club is aiming to eliminate single-use bottles and cups from all its regional and national centers.

Video: DEMA 2018 – Mermaid Linden

DEMA 2018 - Mermaid Linden
Jessica Keller, DEMA's newest Wave Maker honoree

DEMA Honors Jessica Keller With Wave Maker Award

The Diving Equipment and Marketing Association announced during this year's DEMA Show that it has honored Jessica Keller, an underwater archaeologist with the U.S. National Park Service’s Submerged Resources Center, as the newest DEMA Wave Maker.
Ocean Metaphor: Unexpected Life Lessons from the Sea

Getting Deep With ‘Ocean Metaphor’

Ocean Metaphor: Unexpected Life Lessons from the Sea encourages readers to reflect on the humanity of the ocean.
Sea Of Change Foundation

Sea of Change Now Offering Small Grants for Local Ocean Conservation Efforts

Sea of Change creates positive change for the ocean by raising awareness, and funding and initiating conservation efforts.
COARE at DEMA Show 2018

COARE: Another Year At The Core Of Marine Conservation

The DeeperBlue.com team was honored to get time with Christopher Chin, executive director of the Center for Oceanic Awareness, Research and Conservation at this year's DEMA Show.
National Marine Sanctuary Foundation

Check Out The Goal: Clean Seas Florida Keys Initiative

The Goal: Clean Seas Florida Keys initiative empowers locals and provides practical solutions to marine debris problems for the short-term and the long-haul.
Fins Attached at DEMA Show 2018

Fins Attached Promotes Shark Conservation At DEMA Show

Fins Attached is a shark conservation organization who also include rays and turtles in their domain.

SEE Turtles: Saving Sea Turtles Through Education

DeeperBlue.com caught up with SEE Turtles co-founder and President Brad Nahill at DEMA Show to learn more about their unique approach to sea turtle conservation.
Project AWARE Dive Against Debris at DEMA Show 2018

Project AWARE Showcases ‘Dive Against Debris’ App At DEMA Show

Project AWARE is on a drive to hit 2 million recorded items of trash for the "Dive Against Debris" campaign.
Project AWARE at DEMA Show 2018

Project AWARE Showcases Newly Revised Specialty

Project AWARE is holding an interactive workshop at this year’s DEMA Show.
U.S. National Marine Sanctuaries

Flower Garden Banks: Opportunities For Conservation And Recreation

The Office of National Marine Sanctuaries and the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation are at DEMA Show this year to raise awareness among divers.
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