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New Study: Every Sea Turtle Has Microplastics In Its Stomach

A new study found microplastics in the gut of every turtle studied in the Atlantic, Pacific and Mediterranean.
Racing Extinction - The Blue Whale - Courtesy Of GoPro

National Marine Sanctuary Foundation Seeking Your Support

The National Marine Sanctuary Foundation is looking for donations to support its whale disentanglement work.
Shark photo highlighted in Bite-Back calendar

Seas The Day: Photographers Unite In Support Of Shark Charity

Twelve of the world's most celebrated underwater photographers have been united in support of Bite-Back Shark & Marine Conservation, a UK charity, and each donated an image and commentary to create a stunning 2019 calendar.
Scientist Figures Out How To Grow Corals Faster

Scientist Figures Out How To Accelerate Coral Growth

With coral populations dying off at alarming rates, one scientist has figured out a way to accelerate their growth, potentially giving them a new lease on life.
A hammerhead shark

Sharks Are My Friends

Diving with sharks is a strong draw for divers. A study of the Florida dive industry by Oceana showed that in 2016, divers spent $221 million for shark encounters. That was just in the state of Florida.
Sea Turtle by Julie Suess Photography

New ‘Divers For Turtles’ Initiative Launches

The Divers For Turtles effort has been launched to help scuba diving be a force for sea turtle conservation.
Fan Corals on the Belize Barrier Reef (Photo credit: M.Gray97/Wikimedia Commons)

PADI And Reef-World Team Up For Sustainable Diving

PADI and Reef-World have teamed up to promote sustainable dive tourism and the Green Fins Initiative.
NOAA Celebrates Corals Week

NOAA Celebrates Corals Week

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration this week is highlighting the importance of maintaining the health of coral reefs.
Mission Blue Hope Spot Expedition to Palau

Palau’s President Gets Mission Blue’s Inaugural Blue Heart Ocean Conservation Award

The president of Palau recently got to do something a lot of us have on our bucket lists (or just in our dreams): dive with "Her Deepness" herself, Mission Blue Founder Dr. Sylvia Earle.

Video: DEMA 2018 – SeeTurtles.org

DEMA 2018 - SeaTurtles.org
Aerial view of the great blue hole of the coast of Belize

Discovery Channel To Broadcast From The Bottom Of Belize’s Blue Hole

The Discovery Channel will broadcast a presentation from the bottom of the Belize Blue Hole on December 2, 2018.
Petition Campaign Underway To Make West Papua A 'Conservation Province'

Petition Campaign Underway To Make West Papua A ‘Conservation Province’

Three years ago, West Papua, New Guinea's provincial governor began to lay the foundation for setting up the region to become a "Conservation Province," or "Provinsi Konservasi."
BSAC steps up it campaign against single use plastic

BSAC Steps Up Its Campaign Against Single-Use Plastic

The British Sub-Aqua Club is aiming to eliminate single-use bottles and cups from all its regional and national centers.

Video: DEMA 2018 – Mermaid Linden

DEMA 2018 - Mermaid Linden
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