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Mermaid Minute #8 – Sea Anemones

The latest episode of the Children's Show Mermaid Minute has hit YouTube.  Episode 8: Sea Anemones LOVE Clownfish! See what we're finding ;)  can be...

5 Tips for Traveling with Scuba Diving Gear

Hardcore divers know the one downside of their passion for the sport: the need to lug around all that expensive – and often fragile...
RAID TV - YouTube Channel

RAID International Launches YouTube Channel & Releases New Advanced Wreck Diver Course

RAID International has launched its new "RAID TV" channel on YouTube. Terry Cummins, director of business and marketing for RAID International, said the channel was...
Omersub Zero Cube Dive Mask

Technosport Recalls Omersub Zero Cube Mask

Technosport has issued a recall notice via the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission for 2,600 of its Omersub Zero Cube Masks sold in the USA. "Non-conforming...

Luxfer responds to erroneous statements

Owners of older Luxfer scuba tanks made from 6351 aluminum alloy have informed Luxfer that they have received...

Managing Jet Lag. . . Before It Manages You!

DAN looks at the universally experienced effects of Jet Lag and deals with how to minimise them
Brittany Trubridge - Yoga Pose

Yoga for Scuba Divers

Budding scuba divers, or even old timers that sometimes go into meltdown just before entering the water can experience difficulty breathing during an entire...

Monty Halls Opens New Dive Museum In The UK

Yacht Haven Quay's (YHQ) Dry stack marina in the city of Plymouth in the UK, last week opened a new museum on site that...

Cayman Dive Gear Introduces Affordable Underwater Scooter at DEMA

Cayman Dive Gear, Naples Florida, will introduce the newest additions to it's line of dive equipment at DEMA 2002 in Las Vegas, NV in...
Dr Guy Harman Prior To His Fateful World Record Attempt Dive

Worlds Deepest Dive Ends In Tragedy

The latest attempt to reach incredible depths whilst Scuba Diving has ended in tragedy - on Saturday 15th August 2015 Dr Guy Garman failed...
10 Things Every Scuba Diver Should Know - Dive.in

10 Things Scuba Divers Need to Know

Regardless of a diver’s experience, skill, confidence and level of qualification, there are certain things that every diver should remember. This is important not...
SingleDivers.com has updated its website.

SingleDivers.com Updates Website

Are you a single diver? Is your spouse/significant other just not into diving? For the past 11 years, SingleDivers.com has catered to divers who...
MTS Oceanos Sinking

Diving The Oceanos

In May 2003, a determined few headed off to put South African technical diving firmly on the map.
Divebooker.com Screenshot

Online Diving Travel Marketplace Divebooker Offering 10% Off Liveaboard Diving Trips

In addition to daily diving, Divebooker.com - a global marketplace for booking diving packages and courses online - now offers liveaboard diving trips. All you...
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