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Scuba Exam App Gets Major Update

Review: The Scuba Guru SCUBA Exam App

It is our distinct pleasure to have been asked to review the new App for iOS and Android from Thomas E. "Tec" Clark. Who Is...
Suunto Eon Steel

Review: Suunto Eon Steel – The Next Generation of Dive Computer

Remember when we were all banging around on 2G phones, playing snake on monochrome screens and changing the colour of Nokia's 'Xpress-On' faceplates with...
Review - OceanPositive Women's Activewear

Review: Fourth Element’s OceanPositive Women’s Activewear

OceanPositive Activewear delivers on the promise of conservation and comfort. Associate Editor Erin gets a closer look at this eco-friendly range
Testing the FX650 and GoSea Mask. Photo by Octavio Cortez Prendas

FxDivers New Dive Light And Mask: A Deeper Look.

As our industry grows, and manufacturers design new products to address specific needs of divers, we often review those products. Whether they are designed for...
Review: Deepblu Cosmiq

Review: Deepblu COSMIQ – Smart Dive Computers Are Here!

Every so often a product comes to market that revolutionizes the world. Read our review of the next generation dive computer - the COSMIQ
The Mares Coral She Dives Wetsuit

Review: Mares Coral She Dives Women’s Wetsuit

Check out our review on the Mares Coral She Dives women's wetsuit.
Review: Solent Plastics Extra-long 170-litre Wheeled Storage Trunk

Review: Solent Plastics Extra-long 170-litre Wheeled Storage Trunk

We take a look at the 170-litre Wheeled Storage Trunk by Solent Plastics
Review- Arctic Expedition

Review: Arctic Expedition – Performance Undersuit

We take a look at the Arctic Expedition Performance Undersuit by Fourth Element
Review: Zena Womens BCD

Review: The Zeagle Zena Women’s BCD

The Zeagle Zena is a high-quality BCD specially designed for women divers.
Review Extra - Loop 15X Regulator

Review Extra: Mares Loop 15x Regulator

We take a look at the Mares Loop 15X Regulator
d520 orchtorch dive light

Review: Orcatorch D520

Way at the back of the exhibit hall of DEMA 2016 show was a first-time exhibitor from China named Orcatorch a manufacturer of dive...
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