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Environmentalists Purchase Island Off Belize's Coast To Create Whale Shark Reserve

Two environmental groups have teamed up to purchase most of a 5-acre (2-hectare) island off Belize's southern coast and manage...

Star of Free Willy dies

Keiko, the star of the Free Willy movies, died on Friday from suspected pneumonia in the Norwegian bay where he...

Aussie Diver Half-Swallowed by Shark, Lives

SYDNEY - Reuters reports that a 25-year-old Australian abalone diver survived an attack by a great white shark - an attack in...

Tasmania Planning Artificial Reef to Attract Divers

A proposal to create an artificial diving reef off Maria Island would remove a Tamar River eyesore and boost East...

Florida Shipwreck uncovers Aztecs in Florida

"An archeology team has found that Aztecs where used as hired hands in Florida in around 1450AD. A wreck was investigated off Emanuel Point and...

Women Divers Hall Of Fame To Host "Duck Derby" Fundraiser

The Women Divers Hall of Fame (WDHOF), an international non-profit organization that is dedicated to the women who shape the world of...

Annual Bay Area Dive Show 2010

                The dive industry in Northern California will get together for the second Bay Area Dive Show, commencing April 30th. Hundreds of pre-registrations are already...

Unknown Ocean Creature Filmed off Florida Coast

Palm Beach, FLORIDA - Has a new, heretofore unknown species of marine life been filmed by a diver off the coast of...

Share the International Affair of Diving

Zach takes a look at how we can all share in the International Affair of Diving.

Major Cleanup of Dahab

More than 700kg of rubbish was removed from famous deep diving sites in the Egyptian Sinai resort of Dahab. Organised by the northern Egyptian...

The Blue

Claudine reviews "The Blue"

Rescue Diver Training

Staff Writer and Instructor Dale Swift suggests how to get your Rescue Training in today. The skills learned in this essential course can make the difference in handling an emergency situation

Equinox Introduces Two New Housings

Equinox Housings, one of the major innovators in the development of quality housings for today's modern digital imaging...
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