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New Harvey???s Logo and Website Captures 50 Years of Innovation

(DiveNewswire) Harvey's wetsuits, one of the diving industry's oldest and most respected manufacturers, has unveiled a new logo and graphic...
Blawesome Launches New Wetsuit Dryer

Blawesome Launches New, Upgraded Wetsuit Dryer

The folks at Blawesome have launched a new, improved wetsuit dryer.

Atlanta Scuba Show Cancelled

"We've received the following email from Tom Peary, the Atlanta Scuba Show organiser... ""After a meeting with industry leaders, several phone calls, and numerous emails,...

PADI Designates Over 50 Facilities as National Geographic Dive Centers

PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) has selected more than 50 PADI training facilities as National Geographic Dive Centers. PADI launched the...

Diving Galapagos – In Darwin’s Footsteps

BBC man John McIntyre has dived all over the globe, yet he found the underwater spectacles routinely seen around the Galapagos meant the islands went straight to the top of his list of "world’s best diving destinations"
Suunto Dive Computers

SUUNTO Launches New EON Series Dive Computers

SUUNTO launches new Eon Series Dive Computers with customizable displays and full color.

Aussies Dive for Liquid Gold

"Residents of a small Australian town thought they had struck sunken treasure today after a truck crashed and dumped thousands of bottles of beer...

Macro-Focus on a Microgrant Recipient

"In the Philippines, one group working hard to address and supportbiodiversity conservation is The Sulu Fund. With the help of volunteerdivers and researchers, the...

Webcast to start May 15th!

"The OneWorldJouneys online webcast expedition ""Palmyra Atoll: Rainforest of the Sea"" begins tomorrow May 15. The expedition, presented in collaboration with The Nature...

Seven Tenths offer 10% this weekend

Our friends over at Seven Tenths are offering 10% off all European customers the weekend of 1/2 April. This one...

Sealife unveils new DC-500 at Dema

The new SeaLife DC500 is rated to a depth of 200 feet and features the new "Shark Mode" for faster and sharper pictures of...

Harvey introduces new line of Suits

Since 1957, Harvey's Wetsuits has been producing unique and innovative wetsuits offering the best in thermal protection. The company's latest line of wet and...
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New Celebrity Fitness Trend: Scuba Diving

January's edition of the Shape Magazine discusses how celebrities are turning to scuba diving as an activity to tone and tighten their bodies. Theresa Kaplan,...

Diver found alive against all odds

Original story from Plucked from the water after being missing for three days, Robert Hewitt had a shock message...
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