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Second-Annual PADI Women's Dive Day To Take Place On July 16, 2016

Second-Annual PADI Women’s Dive Day To Take Place July 16

As part of its ongoing initiative to encourage more women to take up diving, PADI has announced that its second-annual, global "Women's Dive Day"...
Ratio Computers Showcases Latest Line Of Dive Computers At DEMA Show 2016

Ratio Computers Showcases Latest Line Of Dive Computers At DEMA Show 2016

Ratio Computers' iDive freediving and diving computers are not just a gauge, but actual computers with their own operating system and a true diving and...

DUI Announces Warm Water Drysuits

Drysuit manufacturer DUI have announced a new line of drysuits designed specifically for warmer waters and cliamtes - the redesigned 30/30, the...
Aqwary Smart Console

Aqwary Smart Console – A New Way to Dive

I think most divers have been there at least once. You look around and the buddy that was next to you two minutes ago...

New Diving Trade Association Formed

"A new Marketing / Trade Association has been formed to provide professional business support services for Scuba Diving Businesses and Industry Professionals. Business...

Cayman Dive Sites get Forbes Traveller vote

Cayman Net news reports that Forbes traveller has awarded two Cayman dive sites as top areas.  The article is published along with an extraordinary...

Nitrox Divers: Don't Chance It, Check it With the Analox 02EII

Amoxtec Inc. is pleased to offer great show specials on the Analox O2EII Analyzer at DEMA 2003. This...

Weight Watchers Encouraging Eating of Endangered Species To Lose Weight

Weight Watchers, the worlds biggest diet company that offers various products and services to assist weight loss and maintenance, has been spotted by UK...
TekCamp training workshop in the United Kingdom

Dates For TekCamp 2018 Announced

After a Hiatus in 2017, TekCamp is back at Vobster Quay in 2018.

Dive For Free While Installing Artificial Reefs In The Philippines

Next March, the Biri Initiative will begin deploying artificial reef buds offshore of Biri in the Philippines. The Biri Initiative is offering diving at no...

Volunteer opportunities in Madagascar

"Madagascar is one of the biologically richest yet humanly poorest countries in the world. Most plants and animals are endemic to the island...
Longtime NAUI Executive Randy Shaw Has Died

Longtime NAUI Executive Randy Shaw Has Died

Randy Shaw, former director of training at NAUI, unexpectedly passed away over the weekend at the age of 69, according to the dive training...

Smaller Seats

Ever wondered where all that space goes in Airline seats? Ian casts his expert eye over the shrinking seat syndrome.

Australia's Shark Horror – fin or fiction?

December 2008 has proven to be a newsy one for shark watchers on the coasts of Australia. Various news reports on shark sightings have hit the press in just a few days since an attack on snorkeller Brian Guest. DeeperBlue News Editor Sara-Lise Haith takes a look at a few sharky facts.
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