Scuba Diving

If you want to learn more about what is Scuba Diving check out our feature articles and news below.

Britain Creates Safe Haven in the Indian Ocean

British Territory, Chagos Archipelago --  According to Professor Charles Sheppard, a marine biologist from the University of Warwick, no-take marine reserves are vital to...

Lobster ban proposed for the Caymans

"Plans for an immediate ban on the catching of lobster and conch until 2003 and the limit of one fish pot per person were...

Light & Motion is proud to announce the Bluefin HD for the Sony High...

Housing Features: Constructed from industrial grade aluminum, machined, anodized and depth rated to 400 feet, the Bluefin HD housing has an advanced feature set that...

Video: PART III – “Yab Yum” | Searching The Maya Underworld

We now complete the 3-part series of a new GoPro Adventure - Searching The Maya Underworld: Quest for the Earth’s Biggest Cave. Robbie takes us...

Fabien Cousteau: Becoming A Shark – Part III

Nicholas finishes his interview with Fabien Cousteau about his current endeavor to 'become a shark.'
Truli Wetsuits Fit The Female Form

Truli Wetsuits Fit The Female Form

There's a new wetsuit company on the market that caters exclusively to women. Truli Wetsuits has committed itself to meeting the needs of female scuba...

More on Swimmer's Ear

DAN sponsored Medical Matters this month takes a further look at Swimmer's Ear.

UK Dive Magazine publishes First Digital Cover

In a first for the history of the BSAC's Dive Magazine, the publication has announced that they have printed their...

Google Maps dives underwater

Google announced at the Blue Ocean Film Festival in Monterey the latest updates to their Google Maps product with underwater panoramas. Google partnered with the...

Pilot whale skin holds secret to toxin-free paint

"Work being done by a team of German scientists could hold the key to developing a non-toxic paint for covering the hulls of ships...

Diving the Monterey, California Peninsula

Along Highway 1 about 150 miles south of San Francisco there is a place California divers flock to in droves. This diving Mecca is called the Monterey Peninsula.

Pew Oceans Commission Releases Report to the Nation

Today the Pew Oceans Commission presents to the president, Congress and the nation, America's Living Oceans, Charting a...

Inspiration Closed Circuit Rebreathers Invade North America, Central America, and the Caribbean

Dive professionals around the world have been entering one of the fastest growing market segments Closed Circuit Inspiration...

Diving Specialty: Boat Diving

Experienced diver and professional crewmember, Francesca Koe, gives you the ins-and-outs of boat diving.
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