Scuba Diving

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UK magazine DIVE launches free online version

UK Magazine DIVE has announced that as of 14th November 2011 the digital version of the magazine will be free to all readers. The digital...

Tranquility found in Mexican Caves

In spite of recent hurricanes, and the emergence of  hundreds of visitors to Mexico each year, divers are still able to find tranquility and...

DAN's Dan Orr Named Chairman of Historical Diving Society

Dan Orr, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer and currently Acting President at Divers Alert Network (DAN), has been...

Nitrox Divers: Don't Chance It, Check it With the Analox 02EII

Amoxtec Inc. is pleased to offer great show specials on the Analox O2EII Analyzer at DEMA 2003. This...

Doing it Mermaid Style

So are things different for women in the diving world? Claudine takes a light-hearted look at Women Divers.

Akumal Cave Project 2004 – 17th March Update

Staff Writer Grant, on-location with the Akumal Cave Project, reports in with this daily report from 17th March

Underwater TV Cable Threatens Coral Reefs

Underwater fiber optic cable corridors damage coral reefs and the cable lines themselves, according to a three year study made...

Smaller Seats

Ever wondered where all that space goes in Airline seats? Ian casts his expert eye over the shrinking seat syndrome.

Rebreathers no longer silent?

The stealth aspect of rebreathers may no longer be as effective. New Electronics Magazine writes: PCB design services company Dayford...

NAUI Signs Agreement with Chinese Underwater Association

On behalf of the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI Worldwide), NSG, Inc. announced on 6th January 2004 that it...

Sperm Whales Profile

Read about the Sperm whale - the deep-sea leviathan made famous by Herman Melville's Moby Dick.

PADI announces change in Leadership

PADI has announced that Brian P. Cronin has announced his retirement after 17 years in the PADI organization.  Dr Drew Richardson, a 27 year...

World Record Scuba Diver Organizing Biggest Underwater Cleanup

Egyptian scuba diver Ahmed Gabr, holder of the world record for the deepest technical scuba dive, is setting up another Guinness World Record attempt...
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