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Crowdfunding Campaign Unveiled For New, High-End Dive Watch

Crowdfunding Campaign Unveiled For New, High-End Dive Watch

There's a new, high-end dive watch that's undergoing a crowdfunding campaign to get it to market.
NOGI Awards

NOGI 2018 Recipients Announced

The winners of the 2018 NOGI Awards have been announced.

Dominica celebrates Dive Fest

Dominica’sDive Fest, the Caribbean’s longest runningscuba diving festival, encourages visitors to dive down and discover thebeautiful landscapes and colourful marine life beneath the island’s...

PADI nearing 20 Million Certifications

PADI has announced that they are nearing the 20 million scuba diving certifications.  In aid of this achievement PADI have announced a competition where...

Deepest Med Shipwreck found

"Explorers seeking a missing submarine stumbled upon what may be the deepest ancient shipwreck ever found, a vessel that plied the Mediterranean between the...

MCS organises Oceans 2001

"Oceans 2001, hosted by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS1), is a conference focussing on marine life and some of the threats it faces. The...

New Device to Revolutionize UW Photography

Marine Camera Distributors will offer new products from Nexus, Epoque and Inon at DEMA 2003 in Miami Beach. ...

Praise for UK Scuba Team in Kursk Salvage Operation

"British divers have been exalted for their part in recovering the wreck of the Russian submarine the Kursk. The sunken vessel, which exploded and sank...
ID fish with the 'Reef Finder' underwater guidebook.

Identify fish via ByoGuides’ ‘Reef Finder’

Ever been scuba diving and didn't have a guidebook to figure out what kind of fish you were looking at? Well, the folks at ByoGuides...
6 Essential Tips for Wreck Diving

6 Essential Tips for Wreck Diving

For most scuba divers, wreck diving is always an incredible experience, providing a huge adrenaline rush. It is even more of an amazing opportunity...
The SUSiE Chronicles: Jumping Off The Cataraman

The SUSiE Chronicles: Life Aboard An Exploration Science Expedition

My name is Mallory Morgan and I recently graduated from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego, California. This past July I joined...
6 Secret Tips For Buoyancy Control

6 Secret Tips For Buoyancy Control

Buoyancy control is one of the fundamental skills that we learn as scuba diver. Usually the most interesting of sea creatures are found hidden...
TUSA has launched a new, solar-powered dive computer.

TUSA Launches New Solar-Powered Dive Computer

Who needs batteries when you've got the sun? TUSA recently announced the availability of a new solar-powered dive computer, the IQ1204 DC Solar Link. The solar...
3-D Printing Of A Shipwreck (Photo credit: John McCarthy / Wessex Archaeology / Historic Environment Scotland)

Check Out This 3-D Printing Of A Shipwreck

If you're into shipwrecks, Wessex Archaeology in the UK has developed something pretty cool: a way to make a 3-D printing of a wreck...
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