Scuba Diving

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SEACAM Announces Two New Digital SLR housings

SEACAM USA is proud to announce the availability of housings for the Canon EOS1Ds and Nikon D100 digital...

Diving Unplugged

Paul Osmond discusses why diving without a dive computer can be a liberating experience.

DivePhotoGuide launches Free Online Comprehensive Underwater Photography Tutorials has just announced a new set comprehensive Underwater Photography tutorials.  The tutorials are written by professional underwater photographer Jason Heller and editor Matt...

Akumal Cave Project 2004 – 23rd March Update

Staff Writer Grant, on-location with the Akumal Cave Project, reports in with this daily report from 23rd March

Pilot whale skin holds secret to toxin-free paint

"Work being done by a team of German scientists could hold the key to developing a non-toxic paint for covering the hulls of ships...

Public disputes over Shark Diving in the Bahamas

Since the attack by a bull shark in the Bahamas on Mr. Markus Groh much controversy has hit diving forums, newspapers, marine conservationist groups...

Diver feared drowned off Donegal

A diver searching for wartime wrecks is missing and feared drowned off the northwest Donegal coast. The man was one of...
Problems for a Scuba Diver

The Most Common Problems for Beginner Scuba Divers and How to Overcome Them

Beginner divers often experience difficulties during training or first dives. We take a look at some common issues.

Eco-brand creates Invisible T-shirt

As you may have guessed this was an April Fool's Joke for 2012.  Scroll to the bottom for more info. Eco-Fashion brand Rapanui in partnership...

Amphibico Introduces the Smallest Dive Buddy Ever

Designed for the new Sony?? DCR-TRV19, 22 & 33 camcorders, the new Dive Buddy ??PLUS??? has now shrunk in size, with added...
Divers On A Shipwreck

Shipwrecks Of The Slave Trade Could Unveil Secrets Of Their Times

Scientists are attempting to study the slave trade by examining the wrecks of the coast of Africa.

Whale Shark Death at Georgia Aquarium

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- Officials at the Georgia Aquarium said Tuesday that it could take weeks to figure out why Ralph the...

Carpathia Surveyed

Dive Magazine news reports that the Titanic's rescue ship, the Carpathia, which lies at 160m in the north Atlantic has been surveyed by a...

Deep Thoughts

In our regular DAN series of article we take a Quick Look at the Make-Up of Nitrogen Narcosis
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