Scuba Diving

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DAN Europe is developing an underwater robot to keep lone divers safe.

DAN Testing Underwater Drone To Accompany Lone Divers

"Never dive alone. Always dive with a buddy." That lesson is one that just about every dive instructor drums into his or her students. Despite that...
BARE's Newest Wetsuit, the 'Reactive'

BARE SPORTS Introduces New Wetsuit For Very Cold Water

BARE Sports recently unveiled a new wetsuit for very cold water. Dubbed the "BARE Reactive," the suit features a material called "Celliant" that uses infrared...
Lesley Rochat

A shark, a woman.. and a growing dream

Writer Jeff Ayliffe talks to Lesley Rochat, a shark conservationalist in South Africa, and tells her amazing story
Treasure Quest: Snake Island

Mehgan Heaney-Grier Chats With DeeperBlue About Her Upcoming Discovery Channel Series

Champion freediver, stunt diver and all-around underwater badass Mehgan Heaney-Grier is featured in the upcoming TREASURE QUEST: SNAKE ISLAND, a six-episode Discovery Channel series...
Treasure Quest: Snake Island

Discovery Channel’s TREASURE QUEST Premiere Gets Top U.S. TV Ratings

Last Friday's series premiere of Discovery Channel's TREASURE QUEST: SNAKE ISLAND featuring freediver Mehgan Heaney-Grier was the channel's most-watched and highest-rated, non-spinoff premiere in...
Sylvia Earle LEGO

LEGO Releases Sylvia Earle Minifigurine

LEGO recently released a minifigurine modeled after Women Divers Hall of Famer Dr. Sylvia Earle. "Her Deepness" comes included in a bunch of new LEGO...
Giant Humboldt Squid

Dancing with Demons – The Giant Humboldt Squid

Writer and Contributor Scott Cassell writes about his extraordinary diving experiences with giant Humbolt Squid, down in Baja California. Jules Verne was right after all...
New Study Warns Against Heavy Exertion After Diving

New Study Finds Post-Dive Exercise Could Increase Risk Of Arterial Gas Embolism

Divers may want to be careful to not overexert themselves after a dive. A new study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology has found...

Tag Heuer Releases New Dive Watch

Legendary Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer has partnered with Cayman Islands jewelry retailer Kirk Freeport and marine wildlife artist and scientist Guy Harvey to introduce...

Top 10 Scuba Diving Videos

Scuba Divers are a usually never far from a digital camera of some sort - whether above or below water.  More and more divers...

Swim Test for Scuba

The second article in DB's "back to basics" series from our favorite scuba duo -- Abi & Sherrie provide the instructor's point of view as they offer some good swimming advice to prospective open water students. Read on to learn a few in-water tips that everyone can use.
Aqua Lung To Distribute New Instrumentation Line in 2016

Pelagic Pressure Systems’ Instrumentation Gear To Be Launched As Part Of Aqua Lung In...

Aqua Lung announced this week that it would begin shipping dive instrumentation gear made by new acquisition Pelagic Pressure Systems to retailers in 2016. Pelagic...
Dive Flag Commercial

New Dive Flag Awareness Commercial Released

With summer fully underway in North America, the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association has released a new Dive Flag Awareness Public Service Announcement (PSA). The...
Ocean Technology Systems' New STEALTH Full-Face Mask With SRG-1 Regulator

OTS Introduces New Full-Face Mask, Regulator

Ocean Technology Systems has introduced a new full-face mask, dubbed the "STEALTH," and a new SRG-1 regulator that can be affixed to the STEALTH...
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