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10 Things Every Scuba Diver Should Know -

10 Things Scuba Divers Need to Know

Regardless of a diver’s experience, skill, confidence and level of qualification, there are certain things that every diver should remember. This is important not... has updated its website. Updates Website

Are you a single diver? Is your spouse/significant other just not into diving? For the past 11 years, has catered to divers who...
Blue Abyss 50m Pool

World’s Deepest Pool To Be Built In The UK

Europe has seen it's far share of deep pools - the 28m Submarine Escape Training Tank (S.E.T.T.) in the UK, 33m Nemo33 in Belgium...

Tag Heuer Releases New Dive Watch

Legendary Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer has partnered with Cayman Islands jewelry retailer Kirk Freeport and marine wildlife artist and scientist Guy Harvey to introduce...
OM Diver Logo

Fit for Diving: Part 2 – Strength

Rebecca Coales takes a look at Fitness for Diving in this mini-series here on Check out Part 2 - Strength
MTS Oceanos Sinking

Diving The Oceanos

In May 2003, a determined few headed off to put South African technical diving firmly on the map. Screenshot

Online Diving Travel Marketplace Divebooker Offering 10% Off Liveaboard Diving Trips

In addition to daily diving, - a global marketplace for booking diving packages and courses online - now offers liveaboard diving trips. All you...
The TRITON Portable Oxygen Respirator Has Raced Past Its Initial Crowdfunding Goal.

Underwater Breathing Gill Being Developed

UPDATE: This product has been proven as a scam after the creators admitted so after launching a crowdfunding site.  You can read more here. It's...

BARE Introduces Redesigned Velocity Wetsuit

BARE has completely redesigned its Velocity wetsuit. The new iteration incorporates three different, "Full-Stretch" fabrics -- only available in the Velocity series -- into certain...
A homeowner in Utah has built his very own scuba diving pool.

Homeowner Builds $2 Million Scuba Diving Pool In His Garden

You've read about the ongoing effort to build the world's deepest pool in the UK, right? Wouldn't it be nice if you were rich enough...

Famed Diver Lotte Hass Has Died

Women Divers Hall of Fame member Lotte Hass died on Jan. 14 at the age of 86, the Hans Hass Institute announced. Called by some...

Fast Track Training

Last year the media in the United Kingdom was focused on so called fast track training methods. Find out the facts!

The #1 reason why Scuba Divers shouldn’t Freedive

The number one reason why Scuba Divers shouldn't Freedive, according to Feargus Callagy of, is that you can get bent if you mix...
Yoga on a Liveaboard

Keeping Fit for Divers on a Liveaboard

Being enclosed by water on all sides is no excuse for not keeping fit while diving off a boat. Prepare for your dives at...
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