Scuba Diving

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Bonaire Announces Eighth Annual Dive Festival

The Eighth Annual Bonaire Dive Festival, taking place June 5-19, 2004, has been expanded from one week to two weeks....

Cousteau Finds "Horrifying" Trash on Desert Islands

Derelict fishing nets, plastic bottles, cigarette lighters, television tubes, spray cans, broken toys, and thousands of other pieces of plastic...
Scubapro has issued a recall notice for some of its Galileo Luna and Sol Dive Computers

Scubapro Recalls Galileo Luna, Sol Dive Computers

If you bought a Scubapro Galileo Luna or Galileo Sol Dive Computer in the past year, you may want to check the serial number. Scubapro...

Magnificent MEG movie to be released July 2006

Steve Alten's bestselling novel, "Meg" has been picked up by New Line Cinema. Larry Gordon and his partner Lloyd Levin are producing,...

The Trauma of Barotrauma

DAN Medical Matters discusses the consequences of additional damage to existing ear injuries.

Bonaire Sweeps Rodale's Scuba Diving Readers Choice Awards

Bonaire has swept the 2003 Rodale's Scuba Diving Reader's Choice Awards receiving the #1 rating in 7 out of 15...
Fourth Element's Ocean Positive - Bikini

Fourth Element’s Ocean Positive Swimwear: For Consumers with a Conscience

Ocean Positive is Fourth Element's new eco-friendly swimwear range made from reclaimed nylon fishing nets. Join Staff Writer Erin as she introduces the range and interview co-founder Jim Standing.

Scubafest 2004 Raises $3000 For Honduras Dental Project

After a successful Scubafest 2004 with an estimated 1,000 in attendance, Denny Kaye, Treasurer of ScubaFest 2004 and 2005, presented Dr. Daniel...

New Product Helps Dry Out Diving Gear

If you love the smell of wetsuits that haven't been dried properly, then this product isn't for you. But if you're like the grand...

Fantome Lost

The story of the Fantome, lost on Oct. 27. 1998 off Honduras.

The Caymans See Sense

The Cayman Sea Sense project is a sustainable seafood education program based on the efforts of the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program and the...

Bent diver to pay GBP 20,000

A British scuba diver who is facing costs of about £20,000 after suffering decompression sickness while on holiday in Egypt is well...

Cambrian Foundation Akumal Cave Project 2004

Staff Writer Grant tells us about the exciting project that the Cambrian Foundation is conducting in the Akumal Cave
2017 International Cave Diving Conference To Take Place June 2-3

2017 International Cave Diving Conference To Take Place June 2-3

Does exploring underwater caves get your adrenaline flowing? Wanna learn the latest techniques? Well, the Cave Diving Section of the U.S. National Speleological Society is...
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