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Photo Credit: Blancpain Ocean Commitment

Andrea Doria Claims Latest Victim

The Andrea Doria shipwreck site off the U.S. northeast coast, considered by some to be the "Everest" of diving due to its depth, recently...

Making the Leap Into Scuba Diving – Learn How to Dive for the First...

Whenever you talk to any experienced scuba diver, you’ll always hear the same things said about diving: that it’s exhilarating, adventurous, beautiful, and unlike...
New Study Warns Against Heavy Exertion After Diving

Incredibly Beautiful Scuba Diving Locations

Journeying beneath the ocean in scuba gear gives humans the opportunity to take in sights that they'd never otherwise have the privilege of seeing,...

Ahmed Gabr Breaks Scuba Diving World Record

Egyptian scuba diver Ahmed Gabr has broken the world record for the deepest technical scuba dive. While he didn't reach his goal depth of 350...

Oceanic Begins Shipping VTX Dive Computer

Oceanic has begun shipping its VTX hoseless, air-integrated dive computer, the company announced recently. The VTX features an OLED color display, Bluetooth connectability and can...

Swim Test for Scuba

The second article in DB's "back to basics" series from our favorite scuba duo -- Abi & Sherrie provide the instructor's point of view as they offer some good swimming advice to prospective open water students. Read on to learn a few in-water tips that everyone can use.

Top 10 Scuba Diving Videos

Scuba Divers are a usually never far from a digital camera of some sort - whether above or below water.  More and more divers...
Kuwaiti Diver Reem Abdullah Al Edan Is Vying To Break A Scuba Diving World Record

Kuwaiti Woman Vying To Break Scuba Diving World Record

The Guinness World Record for the longest scuba dive is being challenged fairly regularly this year, both by men and women. Last month, American diver...

DiveTech On Grand Cayman To Host FocusUnderwater 2013

The fifth annual Focus Underwater (formerly TekWeek) event will take place August 24-31. Next month's event will bring "underwater photographers, ocean conservationists and rebreather enthusiasts...
Wyland Ocean Realm Journal Nov Available Online

Check Out Wyland’s Ocean Realm Journal Online

Love Wyland's marine art? Was seeing one of his murals the reason for your getting into diving? Well, he and the publisher of Ocean Realm...

Labeling Dive Gear Always A Good Idea

Own a dive float? You may want to make sure your name and contact information are on it, just to be on the safe...

More on Swimmer's Ear

DAN sponsored Medical Matters this month takes a further look at Swimmer's Ear.
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Fit for Diving: Part 1 – Stretching

Rebecca Coales takes a look at Fitness for Diving in this mini-series here on Check out Part 1 - Stretching
Treasure Quest: Snake Island

Discovery Channel’s TREASURE QUEST Premiere Gets Top U.S. TV Ratings

Last Friday's series premiere of Discovery Channel's TREASURE QUEST: SNAKE ISLAND featuring freediver Mehgan Heaney-Grier was the channel's most-watched and highest-rated, non-spinoff premiere in...
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