Scuba Diving

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Labeling Dive Gear Always A Good Idea

Own a dive float? You may want to make sure your name and contact information are on it, just to be on the safe...

More on Swimmer's Ear

DAN sponsored Medical Matters this month takes a further look at Swimmer's Ear.
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Fit for Diving: Part 1 – Stretching

Rebecca Coales takes a look at Fitness for Diving in this mini-series here on Check out Part 1 - Stretching

DetectorPro Unveils Two New Underwater Metal Detectors

Have a hankering for finding lost treasure? Well, a couple new underwater metal detectors have hit the market. DetectorPro recently unveiled two new metal detectors:...
Treasure Quest: Snake Island

Discovery Channel’s TREASURE QUEST Premiere Gets Top U.S. TV Ratings

Last Friday's series premiere of Discovery Channel's TREASURE QUEST: SNAKE ISLAND featuring freediver Mehgan Heaney-Grier was the channel's most-watched and highest-rated, non-spinoff premiere in...
Mermaid Linden

New Children’s Online TV Show hits YouTube

A new Children's Online TV Show "Mermaid Minute" hits YouTube today for the first time today. The Mermaid Minute was dreamed up by real-life Mermaid,...

Cayago, Makers Of Seabob, Aim For Navy SEALs At DEMA

Oh Jaaaames! is what comes to mind when you see one of these delightful "Luxury Sea Toys" as Cayago call them. Well DEMA is...

Suunto Introduces New Customizable Dive Computer

Suunto has introduced the EON Steel, a customizable dive computer. Divers can choose from a variety of interfaces, be they text-based or graphical, using Suunto's...

TUSA Unveils Latest Crestline BCD

TUSA recently announced the release of its newest buoyancy compensator, the Crestline BC-0601. Versatile and lightweight, the BC-0601 is designed for travel and recreational use. The...
BARE's Newest Wetsuit, the 'Reactive'

BARE SPORTS Introduces New Wetsuit For Very Cold Water

BARE Sports recently unveiled a new wetsuit for very cold water. Dubbed the "BARE Reactive," the suit features a material called "Celliant" that uses infrared...
Treasure Quest: Snake Island

Mehgan Heaney-Grier Chats With DeeperBlue About Her Upcoming Discovery Channel Series

Champion freediver, stunt diver and all-around underwater badass Mehgan Heaney-Grier is featured in the upcoming TREASURE QUEST: SNAKE ISLAND, a six-episode Discovery Channel series...

Divesangha – New Fashion and Lifestyle Clothing Brand Launched

An exciting and bold new fashion, lifestyle and leisurewear clothing company aimed at divers and sea enthusiasts has launched. Called Divesangha it has been created...
'Mighty girl' Charlotte Burns is PADI's youngest Junior Master Diver.

British ‘Mighty Girl’ To Dive Between Tectonic Plates

A 13-year-old British girl will soon be the youngest person to ever dive between the tectonic plates that separate the continents of North America...
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