Scuba Diving

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'Mighty girl' Charlotte Burns is PADI's youngest Junior Master Diver.

British ‘Mighty Girl’ To Dive Between Tectonic Plates

A 13-year-old British girl will soon be the youngest person to ever dive between the tectonic plates that separate the continents of North America...

Monofins for Dolphins?

London - The Daily Mail is reporting that a dolphin has been fitted with an artificial...monofin, a proesthesis made neccesary by a...

Belize's Blue Hole – What's all the fuss about?

New Writer Vladimir Soto takes a wander down to Belize and the famous Blue Hole
Aqua Lung To Distribute New Instrumentation Line in 2016

Pelagic Pressure Systems’ Instrumentation Gear To Be Launched As Part Of Aqua Lung In...

Aqua Lung announced this week that it would begin shipping dive instrumentation gear made by new acquisition Pelagic Pressure Systems to retailers in 2016. Pelagic...

Pulmonary Considerations in Diving

DAN VP and Medical Director Dr. Moon explains lung diseases that must be considered for dives.

Poseidon Announces Cutting Edge Buoyancy Compensator

Poseidon, world reknowned for their extremely durable and easy breathing regulators, has announced the release of their series of innovative and cutting...

DAN Launches 'Just One' Awareness Campaign

Q: How many divers does it take to improve dive safety?A: Just One. You. As a member of DAN®, you can...
Giant Humboldt Squid

Dancing with Demons – The Giant Humboldt Squid

Writer and Contributor Scott Cassell writes about his extraordinary diving experiences with giant Humbolt Squid, down in Baja California. Jules Verne was right after all...

Underwater Metal Detecting Brings Lost Antiques to the Surface

Old Spanish coins, Byzantine-era anchors, modern-day wedding rings: some fascinating items have been recovered from watery burials. True, treasure-hunting with a metal detector is...

Vobster To Supply Sentinel Rebreather Sales and Support To Recreational Dive Market

Sentinel closed-circuit rebreather owners might be getting "some very exiting news" soon, according to the company: Vobster Diving Limited (trading as Vobster Quay) is pleased...

Diving in Lake George– New York State

Tom introduces us to Lake George in New York State.

Fabien Cousteau: Becoming A Shark – Part II

Nicholas continues his interview with Fabien Cousteau about his current endeavor to 'become a shark.'

Naturalist Diving – The Art of Naked Diving?

Lucie Wright explores the not-so-nether regions of diving through the Underwater Naturalist Specialty.

Zena Holloway launches new Limited Edition Prints

Due to popular demand acclaimed underwater photographer, Zena Holloway, releases an exciting range of signed Limited Edition prints for 2003....
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