Scuba Diving

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Cosmetic Plastic Surgery & Diving

Thinking about toning up your looks, but worried it will prevent you from scuba diving? The experts at DAN take a look at the issues.

New Dive Logging and Analysis Tool available

"Cyber-Strategy, Inc. announced the release of Scubase, a powerful dive logging and analysis software tool. Scubase enables SCUBA divers to gain interesting insight into...
5 Tips to Escape Stress And Go For A SCUBA Dive

5 Tips to Escape Stress And Go For A SCUBA Dive

We are all guilty of getting wrapped up in our daily lives, this includes work, stress and family life. This constant fight for some...

Leading UAE Property developer testing artificial reefs at the breakwaters of The Palm, Jumeirah

Demonstrating its commitment to the environment, Nakheel, the leading property developers in the UAE, teamed with the Zayed International Prize for the...

MCS organises Oceans 2001

"Oceans 2001, hosted by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS1), is a conference focussing on marine life and some of the threats it faces. The...

,"IMAX film on ""Extreme Life Forms"""

"An AP release today has announced that Microbiologist Hazel Barton is producing an IMAX film that follows her and cave expert Nancy Aulenbach as...

PADI Announces Schedule of Mini Seminars at DEMA Show 2003

PADI, the world's leader in dive training will present over 14 mini-seminar topics for dive professionals at the industry's annual...
Check Out The Great Northern Dive Show In England This Coming April

The Great Northern Dive Show Splashes Down This Weekend In The UK

The newest UK Dive Show - the Great Northern Dive Show - is splashing down in Event City, Manchester in the UK this weekend. Featuring...

PADI Announces 2004 Business of Diving Programs

PADI has released the 2004 Business of Diving Schedule, offering business programs for dive business owners, key management and their...

Doing it Mermaid Style

So are things different for women in the diving world? Claudine takes a light-hearted look at Women Divers.

Jong Bonaire competition deadline

"Divers have until the end of December to make a tax-deductible donation to the Jong Bonaire Youth Center at for a chance to...
Snorkeling man in full face mask

Experts Raise Questions About Safety Of Full-Face Snorkel Masks

A increase in the rate of drownings while snorkelling in Hawaii raises questions about the safety of full face snorkelling masks.

Creature Feature: Manta Rays and the Plankton Buffet

The 18 wheelers of the Underwater Highways, what happens when they stop at a Diner. Abi Smigel tells more
MV Superior Producer Shipwreck in Curaçao now open

MV Superior Producer Reopens For Diving

The Curaçao Port Authority has reopened the famous shipwreck MV Superior Producer to divers.
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