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Bluefin tuna shrinking?

The BBC has published an article where Spanish fisherman have seen a reduction in the average size of the blue-fin, and that could mean...
Justin Baker wearing the new Speared Wetsuit. Photo by Stacey Johnson.

Speared Finally Release Their New Novo Wetsuit

The Freediving and Spearfishing Apparel company Speared shook up the spearfishing industry a few months ago with the announcement that they were developing a...
The Blue Wild Expo 2017

The Blue Wild Expo Is Just Around The Corner

Don't forget, the Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo celebrates its 10th anniversary next month! The popular water sports expo, which takes place April 22-23 at...

DEMA Special 2006: Riffe adds new 75cm length to its euro gun series

Riffe International has now added a 75cm length to its reletivily new line of low profile euro guns bringing the selection up to...

Its Grim out there!

Well folks it has happened. Somebody has actually started listening to my noises from the deep! Over the comming months I should...

Before The Rope

Aging Freedive Editor on The Way It Was
Cressi 70 Year Anniversary

Cressi Celebrates 70th Birthday With Film Featuring Guillaume Nery

Cressi, one of the largest manufacturers of water sports equipment in the world, has teamed up with French Freediving Superstar Guillaume Nery to help...
Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia

Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia: Carpe Diem

Are you ready for installment 5 of the Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia? Slow inhale. Even slower exhale... Repeat. How do you get in your 'underwater explorer' mood? Once...
Maverick Brings Their Darian Yokooji-Hybrid Speargun Line To DEMA 2016

Maverick Brings Their Darian Yokooji-Hybrid Speargun Line To DEMA 2016

Maverick America is a young company, with a rich pedigree in the international spearfishing and freediving markets. Based in Wilmington, North Carolina, Maverick was founded...

Spearguns and Wetsuits by Omer

Omer features a new spear gun at DEMA Show 2017 - the Invictus

New York State Spearfishing Law To Become Effective This Month

A New York state spearfishing bill passed last November will go into effect on February 21st. Outgoing New York State Senator Lee Zeldin said in...
SAI (Spearfishing Academy International) is a brand new global Spearfishing Education Organization

New Spearfishing Education Organization Launches

Spearfishing education seems to the next big thing in diving education. Traditionally something that was taught by word of mouth or by joining a...
FII Spearfishing Course

Review: FII Spearfishing Course

I’ve hunted along the California coast, Channel Islands, down in Baja and Hawaii.  I’ve picked the brains of many local SoCal legends, been mentored...

Shocking Video exposes terrible truth about Shark Finning

Shark conservation charity, Bite-Back, has chosen Halloween to launch a shocking real life horror film that exposes the gory truth about the shark fishing...
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