Here at DeeperBlue.com we are advocates of the sport of sustainable Spearfishing. If you want to learn more about Spearfishing read our comprehensive articles and news below.

Congress Holds Hearing on Chesapeake Bay Restoration

The House Appropriations interior subcommittee held a hearing today on the state of restoration efforts in the Chesapeake Bay. Click here...

The Rest Of Us

New contributor and forum regular Rachel, talks about her exploits at becoming a Spearo

La Costa Brava

Freediving Spanish style with contributor Aaron Wood.

The Dummies Guide to Spearfishing

So you have decided to join the ranks of those who spear for their own supper! DeeperBlue.com Forum Mentor "Miles" gives some of his experience to newbie spearos.

The Descent of Penguin

We've seen them march. Dr. Seedhouse explains how they also dive. All they need now is an agent !

South African Man Spears Himself

Buffels Bay, South Africa. In a freak incident a 33yr old man speared himself with his own speargun. The shaft entered the right side of the...

RIFFE Introduces New 'Euro Style Speargun'

The folks at RIFFE International this week introduced a slew of new products at the DEMA Show in Las Vegas, including a "Euro Style...

JBL Features New Spearguns at DEMA Show

JBL Spearguns is displaying five new guns this week at the DEMA Show in Las Vegas. The five are part of the JBL Elite...

The Lobster the Better

Something is bugging Freediving Editor Paul Kotik.

Spear Key West Shootout Announced

Conch Republic, July 4 -The Key West Spear Fishing Club will be holding its “Spear Key West Shootout” at the legendary Oceanside...

The Ice is Nice: Come On In-Part II

Iceman Steve Millard, a new and most welcome contributor to Deeper Blue, continueth. He will never have to prove his courage in any other way, ever again.

The Ice is Nice: Come on In – Part I

Madman Steve Millard, a new and most welcome contributor to Deeper Blue, takes us to a place where the chosen are frozen.

The Bluewater Classic Results

The Bluewater Classic is held each year in the Northen New South Wales town of Coffs Harbour in Australia. It is a pelgaic-species-only competition...

Man killed during Shark Attack in Western Australia

Details remain sketchy, but authorities have confirmed that a 26 year old male died as a result of injuries sustained during an...
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