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Spearfishing TV Show Concludes Filming Off Hatteras

HATTERAS, NC -- A new spearfishing television program last week finished the taping of footage for three to four shows off Cape Hatteras, NC,...

GM In our food – Are fish threatened?

Our ever opinionated Freediving Editor, Cliff Etzel, once again gives us his opinion about Genetically Modified Organisms and how they relate to the sport of Freediving and Spearfishing.
Inaugural World Freshwater Spearfishing Championship To Be Held In USA Next Year

Organizers Release More Info About Inaugural World Freshwater Spearfishing Championship

Organizers have released more details about the first World Freshwater Spearfishing Championship to be held next year in the USA. These events will take place worldwide on...

Video: DEMA Show 2016 – iBubble

DeeperBlue.com Coverage of DEMA Show 2016 in Las Vegas - more @ https://www.deeperblue.com/dema-show featuring Bethy Driscoll as your host. In this video we catch up...

Ocean Preservation Curated News Site OceanMinds.com Relaunches

Oceanminds - the website dedicated to Ocean Preservation through Social Media run by Aquanaut (and DeeperBlue.com contributor) Nico Danan has relaunched in January 2013. ...
Top 10 Most Dangerous Marine Life

Top 10 Most Dangerous Marine Life

The sea takes up over 70% of the world’s surface area. With that said, there are a number of species which can be extremely...

South African rescuers risk their lives to save an entangled whale

A Southern Right whale measuring 10 metres became entangled a huge lobster trap, off the coast of Cape Town in False Bay. Rescuers battled...
'Mar De Vida' spearfishing film

Check Out ’Mar De Vida,’ A Short Film On Spearfishing

Check Out ’Mar De Vida,’ A Short Film On Spearfishing

Shark Fishers Cast Off to Protect Ocean Predators

From National Geographic News: July 31, 2007—Even as overfishing has slashed many shark populations by as much as half, some fishers...

Rethink the Shark

AfriOceans Conservation Alliance, a non-profit organisation focused on Shark and Marine Conservation in Africa, has launched a new campaign called "Rethink the Shark" with...

Spearfishing Tourneys Join Forces to Fight Cystic Fibrosis

Diving For a Cause (DFAC), is a charitable organization run by spearfisherwomen (and men) who share their catch and unique skills with those in need. Every year...

The Lobster the Better

Something is bugging Freediving Editor Paul Kotik.
Garo Jack Hachigian, owner Gannet Dive Co.

Gannet Dive Company Guaranteed for Life

Gannet Dive Co., the specialized spearfishing and competitive freediving equipment manufacturer based in San Diego, California is showcasing some very cool new products for...
Speared Apparel's Aaron Chase shows off a prototype of his company's new spearfishing wetsuit

Speared Apparel to unveil new spearfishing wetsuit in April 2016

Speared Apparel will be formally unveiling their first wetsuit for the spearfishing market in April 2016, company CEO Aaron Chase told DeeperBlue.com this week...
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