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Dimitris Vassilakis dies spearfishing

Dimitris Vassilakis, avid spearfisher and freediver, and international judge for AIDA died recently during a spearfishing trip. His funeral was on 9th...

Spearguns and Wetsuits by Omer

Omer features a new spear gun at DEMA Show 2017 - the Invictus
Valerio grassi and Umberto Pellizzari – 1991 Elba island freediving world record in constant and variable weight

Omersub: Still #1 In Spearfishing and Freediving

Continuing our look at big brand-name Freediving and Spearfishing companies in Europe, our resident Italian reporter Carlo managed to get to Omersub for a look at their history and product line today.
Florida Spearfishing by Speared

New Primary Sponsor For The Florida Spearfishing Tournament

The Florida Spearfishing Tournament has gained a new primary sponsor for the 2017 tournament. Speared has taken over the headlining sponsorship to help grow...

Henderson Announces New Spearfishing Suit

Hederson has been known for many years throughout the diving industry for producing high-quality wetsuits for many watersports. Like most wetsuit companies however,...
Justin Baker wearing the new Speared Wetsuit. Photo by Stacey Johnson.

Speared Finally Release Their New Novo Wetsuit

The Freediving and Spearfishing Apparel company Speared shook up the spearfishing industry a few months ago with the announcement that they were developing a...

Australian AVG virus affects paua

This has nothing to do with the free anti-virus programme available on the internet, but bets would be that the New Zealand people and...

Omer 5th Annual Hatteras Blue Water Open

Correspondent John Liang covered the 2006 Omer 5th Annual Hatteras Blue Water Open. He spent the first full day of the tournament out on the Gulf Stream aboard the sportfishing vessel "Runaway", and filed this report.

Ottawa Freedivers Thaw Out

New Contributor Matt Charlton reveals the character- building secrets of Team Canada!
Riffe Unveils New Spearguns At DEMA Show 2016

Riffe Unveils New Spearguns At DEMA Show

Riffe has several new products making first appearances at DEMA Show 2016. For spearguns, Riffe’s new modular guns will be welcoming new products for traveling...
SAI (Spearfishing Academy International) is a brand new global Spearfishing Education Organization

New Spearfishing Education Organization Launches

Spearfishing education seems to the next big thing in diving education. Traditionally something that was taught by word of mouth or by joining a...

Scuba Spearfishing Banned in West Hawaii

Spearfishing whilst Scuba Diving has been banned by the Hawaii Board of Land and Natural Resources after 10 years of discussions and hearings. The...

Greg Pickerings' Yellow-fin Tuna

Cliff profiles spearfisher Greg Pickering.
Diver swims Five Miles To Shore With A Tiger Shark Following Him

Spearfisherman Completes Epic Swim Stalked By A Tiger Shark

Very lucky spear fisherman swims makes epic swim to safety while being stalked by a tiger shark
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