Here at DeeperBlue.com we are advocates of the sport of sustainable Spearfishing. If you want to learn more about Spearfishing read our comprehensive articles and news below.

Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia: Aspetto

Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia is taking you on to a new journey into the abyss...You take a full breath, perform a fluid duck dive and start...
Darkfin Webbed Gloves

Review: Darkfin Webbed Gloves

Take a look at our review of the Darkfin Webbed Power Gloves
Protecting your Ears

Protecting Your Ears

We all know that your ears can sometimes be the Achilles of your dive. Half way through the day your ears start getting “sticky”...

Largest Lobster in 85 years Caught in the UK

UK diver Joe Pike recently took to the water in Devon, UK to go spearfishing.  Little did he know that during his dive he...

Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia, Season 2

Do you remember the 'Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia'?Last year we talked about Relaxation, Awareness, Respect, Patience, Health/Training and Enjoying the Moment.Just like before, I still want you...

(you) Hold, Dive, Shoot: Virtual Spearfishing Training

Are those lazy summer vibes in town yet?Of course spending time in front of the screen, browsing through all those spearfishing videos and photos...

Key Largo Lionfish Derby Set For September 10

If you're a Lionfish and you frequent the area around John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in Key Largo, Florida, you may want to...
Wrightsville Beach Spearfishing Tournament Took Place July 22-24, 2016

Puerto Rican Spearo Tony Dooley Wins Wrightsville Beach Spearfishing Tournament

Puerto Rican freediver Tony Dooley speared 80.2 pounds/36.4 kilos of fish at the eighth annual Wrightsville Beach Spearfishing Tournament in North Carolina last weekend,...
Triton X Open Spearfishing Tournament To Be Held In September 2016

Triton X Open Spearfishing Tournament To Be Held In September 2016

The Triton X Spearfishing Tournament will be held on September 17, 2016, at the Caspar Beach RV Park & Campground in Mendocino, California.Among the...
The Blue Wild Expo 2017

The Blue Wild Expo Prepares For Its 10th Anniversary

The Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo is gearing up for its biggest year yet in 2017.  The Expo's 10th year anniversary will see 65,000...

The Bright Side of Deep Spearfishing: The Reef

There is always a reward waiting for those who venture. How magical can 'the Reef' get?
Cressi 70 Year Anniversary

Cressi Celebrates 70th Birthday With Film Featuring Guillaume Nery

Cressi, one of the largest manufacturers of water sports equipment in the world, has teamed up with French Freediving Superstar Guillaume Nery to help...
2016 USOA National Spearfishing Championship Results

2016 USOA National Freshwater Spearfishing Championship Results

The 2016 Underwater Society of America National Spearfishing Championship took place on June 23rd at Beaver Lake, Arkansas, and DeeperBlue.com now has the results...
First Freshwater World Spearfishing Championship To Be Held In USA In 2017

First Freshwater World Spearfishing Championship To Be Held In USA In 2017

The first Freshwater Spearfishing World Championship will be held May 18-20, 2017 in Lake Mead near Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.This meet will be held...
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