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Spearfishing TV Show Concludes Filming Off Hatteras

HATTERAS, NC -- A new spearfishing television program last week finished the taping of footage for three to four shows off Cape Hatteras, NC,...


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Sport Diver Awards 2012

Our friends over at Sport Diver UK have announced their 2012 awards, allowing you to nominate your favourite companies and people – and be...

Canada Cup Run and Won

Despite the name, the Canada Cup is held on the Central Coast of New South Wales, in Australia. Each February divers from as far...

UK proposes change to using projectiles for fishing

In a letter issuedfrom DEFRA announcing a proposal tochange the regulation on technical measures to promote the conservation of fishstocks, to reduce discards and...

South African Man Spears Himself

Buffels Bay, South Africa. In a freak incident a 33yr old man speared himself with his own speargun. The shaft entered the right side of the...

Australia hammered over shark fin exports

  Using datafrom the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service, the Worldwide Fund forNature (WWF), figures have revealed that Australia’s shark fin exports arekilling thousands of sharks...

Greg Pickerings' Yellow-fin Tuna

Cliff profiles spearfisher Greg Pickering.

Spearfishing & Underwater Hunting Handbook

B. Allen Patrick has produced a book on Spearfishing. Read our review.

Summer Spearfishing

Contributor and UK Freediver / Spearfisherman John Moorcroft talks about his experiences at Spearfishing over the summertime

Omer 5th Annual Hatteras Blue Water Open

Correspondent John Liang covered the 2006 Omer 5th Annual Hatteras Blue Water Open. He spent the first full day of the tournament out on the Gulf Stream aboard the sportfishing vessel "Runaway", and filed this report.

Fisherman rescues friend from shark infested waters

A fisherman swam 12 hours through shark-infested waters to raise the alarm after his trawler overturned off Australia. Sky News reports how Michael Williams left...

Ottawa Freedivers Thaw Out

New Contributor Matt Charlton reveals the character- building secrets of Team Canada!
ALASKA Spearfishing

The Freedive Shop Offering Alaska Liveaboard Spearfishing Trips

Ever dreamt of spearfishing off the coast of Alaska? Have that on your bucket list? The Freedive Shop is offering two trips this coming May...
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