Here at DeeperBlue.com we are advocates of the sport of sustainable Spearfishing. If you want to learn more about Spearfishing read our comprehensive articles and news below.

The Watermans Pack

Watermans Pack – The Subscription Box for Freedivers and Spearos (and Surfers, SUPers…)

Subscription boxes are all the rage these days - from razors, mens and womens clothing to geek fandom boxes all can be ordered direct...
The ’Super-Series Spearfishing League' Begins This Weekend

Professional Spearfishing League Begins This Weekend

The first in a series of professional spearfishing tournaments off the Florida coast begins this coming weekend.The Florida Skin Divers Association recently announced that...
Breathe up - Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia

The Four Seasons of Deep Spearfishing

Bright summer, cool autumn, white winter and blossoming spring... The seasons change but our passion continues.
Umberto Pelizzari

Legends of Freediving, Spearfishing & TV To Appear At Blue Wild Show

The annual Ocean and Diving Expo in South Florida - The Blue Wild Show - has announced an amazing line up of legendary Freediving...
Spearfishing What's It All About

Spearfishing – What’s It All About?

Spearfishing is something many people are curious about. Lots of spearfishing videos are not really made from the perspective of an outsider, so I have...
Noob Spearo Edition Penetrator fins

Noob Spearo Running Competition To Win Exclusive Penetrator Fins

Our friends over at Noob Spearo (the guys behind the awesome Podcast) have launched a competition to win some new Noob Spearo Edition Penetrator...
Three countries have already registered for the CMAS World Spearfishing Championship

Three countries registered so far for the 2016 CMAS World Spearfishing Championship

Three countries have already registered for the CMAS World Spearfishing Championship scheduled for this coming September, the Hellenic Federation of Underwater Activities and Sportfishing...
OurFloridaReefs.org proposes to ban spearfishing on scuba. Image courtesy OurFloridaReefs.org

Florida May Ban Spearfishing on Scuba and Lower Lobster Limits

RMA N-59 sounds esoteric enough, but if Our Florida Reefs has its way, spearfishing while scuba diving will soon be illegal in Florida. RMA...
Freedivers Recovery Vest Mk2

New Version Of Freediver Recovery Vest Launched

A new version of the Freediver Recovery Vest (FRV) has been announced by creator Terry Maas.  The new model, "Generation-3 Streamlined", uses a new...
Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia, Part 6: Health and Training

Deep Spearfishing Encyclopedia: Health and Training

Did you ever wonder why some spearos manage to shoot and land bigger (better/deeper/stronger?) than you? They use better equipment? They hunt better spots? Maybe...
Top 10 Most Dangerous Marine Life

Top 10 Most Dangerous Marine Life

The sea takes up over 70% of the world’s surface area. With that said, there are a number of species which can be extremely...
DEMA Show 2015

VIDEO: DEMA Show 2015 Video Coverage

As part of the DeeperBlue.com coverage of DEMA Show 2015 in Orlando, FL we had a team of roving reporters completing video interviews with...
Dive Computers Are Always A Big Draw At DEMA Show 2015 - Here The Omer UP-x1

6 Dive Watches With Heart Rate Monitors

With the explosion of fitness trackers that count your steps, calories burned and heart rate, among other things, it was only a matter of...
Speared Apparel's Aaron Chase shows off a prototype of his company's new spearfishing wetsuit

Speared Apparel to unveil new spearfishing wetsuit in April 2016

Speared Apparel will be formally unveiling their first wetsuit for the spearfishing market in April 2016, company CEO Aaron Chase told DeeperBlue.com this week...
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