Video Of The Week

With the Video of the Week our aim is to showcase one video every week that shows off the best (or just plain interesting) about Freediving, Scuba Diving or Spearfishing.



This week's video is from multiple skydiving world champion Martin Kristensen who takes us on his journey around Norway and discusses how Freediving helps him prepare for skydiving.  Featuring breathtaking footage from across Norway. Got...

[VIDEO] Freediving With a Whale Shark

This week's video is from the team over at GoPro.  This week we are highlighting a stunning video of GoPro Awards recipients Ocean Ramsey and Juan Oliphant as they film with whale sharks in...

[VIDEO] Freediving with Orcas Ft. Underwater Photographer Jacques de Vos

This week's video is from the Red Bull team who join Jacques de Vos, an underwater photographer who spends most his time freediving with orcas.  Helped by his crew, the South African became an expert in...

[VIDEO] Guillaume Nery Underwater Party

This week's video is comes from World Champion Alexey Molchanov who filmed a very personal event recently in Nice, France where a global community of Freedivers came together to celebrate French Freediving Superstar Guillaume...


This week's video is a video follows freediver Dada Li into an underwater journey on USAT Liberty.  USAT Liberty was a United States Army cargo ship torpedoed by Japanese submarine I-166 in January 1942...

[VIDEO] Scuba Diving VS Freediving Which is Better?

We take a look at our Video Of The Week - Scuba Diving VS Freediving Which is Better?

[VIDEO] Deja Blue 7 Freediving Disciplines

This week's video is from the folk over at Performance Freediving International (PFI).  Their annual Freediving training camp and competition - Deja Blue - is kicking off in the Cayman Islands.  They took to...

[VIDEO] NOMAD: A Spearfishing Documentary

This week's video follows Jack Ferrier and Ryan Gates, the modern age nomads, as they explore the meaning behind spearfishing, and why individuals are beginning to turn to this environmentally conscious alternative for survival. Got...

[VIDEO] Into the Deep with Finland’s Greatest Freediver – Journey From the Source

This week's video is from "Journey From The Source" – presented by Finlandia Vodka and 1% For The Planet.  The first of this four-part documentary is about the ‘Kraken,’ also known as 49-year-old Finnish...
Braving the Waters of Bimini with Shark Girl - YouTubevideo

[VIDEO] Braving the Waters of Bimini with Shark Girl

This week's video is another super background piece from CNN's Great Big Story.  This time they chat to Jillian Morris Brake, the Shark Girl of Bimini, and author of Norman The Nurse Shark children's...

[VIDEO] Of The Sea

This week's video is a tremendous short film about what draws people sea in search of the greater meaning to their time and experiences here on earth.  This is the story of those driven to...

[VIDEO] Vitamin Sea

This week's video is from Sea Dragons and is a teaser for their upcoming film where they follow Spanish TV presenter and sports blogger Laura Madrueño who went through a 2 days course with...

[VIDEO] World’s Youngest Freediver

This week's video is a stunning footage of what must be the world's youngest Freediver.  Fedor Afonasiev, at three years old he already has amazing abilities although that may be something to do with...

[VIDEO] Adam Skolnick: “One Breath…” at Talks at Google

This week's video is from the folks over at Google.  Adam Skolnick - author of the book One Breath - took to the stage at Google offices recently to give a talk about the...


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