Video Of The Week

With the Video of the Week our aim is to showcase one video every week that shows off the best (or just plain interesting) about Freediving, Scuba Diving or Spearfishing.

[VIDEO] Sebastien Murat explains exhale freediving

This week's video is from Freediver Sebastien Murat and is his interview video explaining what Exhale Freediving is. Got a great video to share?  Feel free to contact us. What is Video of the Week?  Our...

[VIDEO] Adam Skolnick: “One Breath…” at Talks at Google

This week's video is from the folks over at Google.  Adam Skolnick - author of the book One Breath - took to the stage at Google offices recently to give a talk about the...

[VIDEO] Freediving and Freerunning

This week's video is another video by super talented Daan Verhoeven.  Filmed at the National Diving and Activity Centre in Chepstow, UK - Daan has created a surreal world of freediving and freerunning. Got a...

[VIDEO] Freediving With a Whale Shark

This week's video is from the team over at GoPro.  This week we are highlighting a stunning video of GoPro Awards recipients Ocean Ramsey and Juan Oliphant as they film with whale sharks in...

[VIDEO] Freediving in the Y-40 (that’s the world’s deepest pool)

This week's video show us what it's like to go freediving in the world's deepest pool - the Y-40 in Italy.  I'm sure you'll agree it's a pretty spectacular facility! Got a great video to share? Feel free... 2015 Video Of The Year

DeeperBlue 2015 Video Of The Year

As the year is coming to a close we've been pouring over various entries to our Video Of The Week feature in an effort to find what we feel is the best video of...

[VIDEO] Underwater Encounters

This week's video is a poetic piece about freediving with a quote from Jaques Mayol about our relationship with the marine life. Featuring Flavia Eberhard and filmed by Pepe Arcos. Got a great video to share?  Feel free to contact...

[VIDEO] Great White Shark Attack Caught On GoPro

This week's video is enough to put a shiver down any divers spine.  A unnamed 22-year old spearfisher is seen taking a couple of bumps from a Great White Shark whilst out diving.  The...

[VIDEO] Finding Freedom in Fiji

This week's video is a truly beautifully shot and edited video from YouTuber Benjamin Williams who put together this 100% shot GoPro video whilst in Fiji and it's probably one of the most beautiful...

[VIDEO] Freediving Antarctica

This week's video shows freedivers Edmund Jin, Kimi Werner, and Jessea Lu sailing across the Drake Passage in a 15-meter sailboat, and facing the gnarly rough seas for 6 days.  When the team finally got there...
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[VIDEO] 10 Year Throwback – 2004 AIDA World Championships

This week's video is a throwback to 2004 when the AIDA Freediving World Championships were being held in Vancouver, Canada.  Check out the playlist of 9 daily videos published by the competition organizers and look...

[VIDEO] Wonders Of Dean’s Blue Hole

This week's video comes from the talented Igor Liberti and is a dreamy & surreal vision of Freediving in the Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas. Got a great video to share? Feel free to contact us. What...

[VIDEO] CMAS Freediving in Venezula

This week's video shows that Freediving is very much alive and well in Latin America.  Filmed by Orlando Lopez at a CMAS event in Caracas (Venezula) this beautiful black and white video reminds us why...

[VIDEO] William Trubridge freedives to 120m

Welcome to this weeks Video of the Week!  Our aim is to showcase one video every week that shows off the best of Freediving, Scuba Diving or Spearfishing. Got a great video to share?  Feel...


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