Cayman Dive Gear Introduces Affordable Underwater Scooter at DEMA

Cayman Dive Gear, Naples Florida, will introduce the newest additions to it’s line of dive equipment at DEMA 2002 in Las Vegas, NV in booth# 2549 (next to the DEMA pool.)

Cayman Dive Gear’s new flagship underwater scooter, Tyger Ray, will be demonstrated in the DEMA pool daily at 1:30 pm. The Tyger RayTM is a 12-volt,"pulling" scooter that uses principles of hydro–dynamics similar to a ray to "FLY" underwater. It’s ray-like shape and the unique front pull design offer incredible mobility, safety and efficiency. Ideal for snorkeling with natural positive buoyancy, the Tyger RayTM can also be easily adjusted for SCUBA diving and can reach depths of 125 feet.

Unique and Safe Front Pulling Design — The Tyger Ray’s unique placement of the motor and prop is safely in front and underneath, away from user. With this placement, the prop receives an unobstructed flow of water to maximize thrust and maneuverability. The prop is positioned far away from the operator for safety.The Tyger Ray is very affordably priced and within reach of most cost conscious consumers, creating a new market for the Dive and Boating industries.

Cayman Dive Gear manufactures a full line of swim, snorkel and dive equipment for the beginning swimmer to the advanced diver. Products include; masks, snorkels, fins, goggles, dive lights, gear bags and scooters.

For more information please contact:

Cayman Dive Gear

1493 Railhead Blvd Naples Florida 34110

Phone: 239-594-7997 Toll Free: 800-282-8725

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