Cayman fish bites off more than he can chew

From the Caymanian Compass:

A local Caymanian fisherman, Mr. McPherson ‘Dorson’ Wright recently landed an extraordinary fish. He was fishing in approximately 1,400 feet of water off the South Coast of Grand Cayman, and his attention was drawn to an object that was floating on the surface. Upon investigation he saw that he had picked up a dead fish that had swallowed a ‘snake mackerel’ more than four times its own length.

Marine Scientist Phillippe Bush was able to photograph the catch and send them up to the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute in the United States. The feedback was that the fish “was appropriately called a ‘Great Swallower’ and it normally lives in deep water.” (Tracey Sutton, HBOI).

Cayman fish bites off more than he can chew 1Read further about Simon Boxall’s article in the Caymanian Compass at this link.