A New Film About Freediving Legend Jacques Mayol Is Coming Out

New film documents the journey of Jacques Mayol
New 'Dolphin Man' film documents the journey of Jacques Mayol

Anemon films are releasing a new film based on the life story of the mesmerising and inspiring Jacques Mayol.

“Dolphin Man” focuses on Mayol’s life and legacy, and contains some stunning imagery of present-day freedivers like Mehgan Heaney-Grier, Umberto Pelizzari and William Trubridge as well as some great archive footage of Mayol in his heyday when he pushed the limits and boundaries of freediving.

As part of the Mayol journey, the film also delves into his relationship with dolphins, and how not only was he fascinated and inspired by them, but also that some dolphins were intrigued with his ability in the water, and how over the years he formed close bonds with dolphins.

The stunning film is narrated by Jean-Marc Barr who portrayed Mayol in the acclaimed film “The Big Blue.”

You can check out the Dolphin Man Website, visit the movie’s Facebook page, follow it on Instagram, or check out the teaser trailer below.