Know someone who’s thinking about learning how to dive? The Diving Equipment and Marketing Association might have you covered.

The website for DEMA’s new national marketing campaign, Go Dive Now, went live this week. It’s got direct links to local DEMA Member retail stores and dive vacation destinations, it highlights the benefits of diving and eases barriers to entry by offering information and resources for potential new divers. gives potential divers a wealth of information and resources to help them learn more about diving and begin their journey into the sport. In addition to the dive center locator and listings of DEMA Member international vacation destinations, the website includes FAQ’s, videos, and ways to connect with other divers through social media.

If your potential diver friend is a millenial, chances are he or she is on social media and will likely see ads for the campaign on Facebook and YouTube. As the campaign evolves, chances are your friend will also see Go Dive Now content on Twitter and Instagram.

For more information, send your friend the Go Dive Now link.