Check Out GoPro’s New ‘Seeker’ Daypack

Check Out GoPro's New 'Seeker' Daypack

If you’re one of those GoPro power users when you dive — i.e. you don’t settle for just one camera — you might want to check out a new rucksack the company is offering.

GoPro’s Seeker is a hydration-compatible, weather-resistant sportpack, that has compartments for up to five cameras plus 16 liters’/4.2 gallons’ worth of space for packing a mask, snorkel, short fins, and other gear.

The bag even sports an integrated chest mount, allowing you to shoot hands-free footage of your friends as they walk up to the dive boat. It’s also got a compartment where you can fit in a 2-liter/68-ounce hydration bladder (you’ll need your own, though — that’s not included).

The Seeker retails for US$169.99/153.06 Euros. For more info, check out the GoPro website or watch the short video below.

GoPro’s new Seeker sportpack can fit up to five cameras and associated gear.