Small, hand-held mirrors are very useful tools for divers.

From dive pros being able to quickly glance at the group behind them, to technical divers having a quick look at their manifold for any signs of bubbles, there is no doubt that handheld mirrors have their place.

The latest product is the 360 Observe, which is a small, convex mirror with a wrist strap.

The mirror measures 5cm/2 inches across and has an adjustable webbing strap so it can be mounted to the back of a diver’s hand (even with a glove), around the wrist, or divers can clip the mirror to a BCD/wing for later use. The 360 Observe is ideal for a range of uses, including:

  • Keeping an eye on a group.
  • Looking into confined spaces.
  • Bubble checks.
  • Signaling on the surface.

The 360 Observe is available from UK retailers for £19.95/~US$26.00/~€23.00. For UK and Ireland distribution information, you can email here.