Check Out The Amphi, A New Bionic Monofin

The New Ampni Powered Monofin
The New Ampni Powered Monofin

A new monofin, the Amphi, is making a big splash with its new thruster technology.

The Amphi comes with a built-in propulsion unit which helps push the wearer effortlessly through the water. The Amphi borrows the ideas behind popular electric bicycles by providing a hybrid propulsion system, that is partly powered by human muscles, and part by an electric motor.

Once the swimmer is wearing the Amphi, the device will smartly detect the strength of the kick and will adjust the thrust power accordingly. The swimmer can modify the system in two ways; they can either alter the time the Amphi thruster stays on after stopping kicking, alternatively they can increase or decrease, the Amphi’s sensitivity to the strength of their kicks.

Keeping up with our connected world, the Amphi will be able to communicate with the cloud via a cellphone. The company behind the Amphi plans to offer the product with six different types of fin blade, and three different battery packs.

You can find out more information here, and check out a video of the Amphi in action below.