Check Out The Oceans S1 Dive Computer With Buddy Communication

Oceans S1 dive computer
Oceans S1 dive computer

Swedish company Oceans.Io has announced the first dive computer with inbuilt buddy communication, the Oceans S1 Supersonic.

The new device uses inbuilt ultrasonic sensors that allow you to send messages to your buddy. The computer has a messaging range of 15-20m (50-60ft) or even more, depending on the terrain and environment. When a message arrives, the name of the sender is visible so you can identify which buddy sent you a message.

The wrist-mounted S1 is not just about messages and includes a host of features including:

  • Hi-resolution color display.
  • 3D digital Compass.
  • Silent haptic feedback.
  • Wireless charging.
  • Dive data syncing over Bluetooth.
  • Oceans App (both Android and iOS).

The S1 computer will set you back US$335/~£260/~€297

You can find out more information here or check out the S1 Kickstarter page here or a video of the new computer below.