Check Out This 1940s-Era World Map Centered On The Oceans

Athelstan Spilhaus's World Ocean Map
Athelstan Spilhaus's World Ocean Map

A world map produced in 1942 could serve as a reminder of the importance of the health of the Earth’s oceans.

Athelstan Spilhaus, an oceanographer who developed the bathythermograph during World War II (which detects differences in water temperatures below the surface), during the same conflict drew a map of the earth that puts more emphasis on the planet as a watery one than a land-based one.

With all the stresses placed on the oceans nowadays, it’s a good reminder of what really helps keep humanity alive.

In addition to the bathythermograph, Spilhaus was also an inventor who developed the “Skyways” in Minneapolis, Minnesota that helped keep pedestrians out of the freezing winter cold, along with other ideas.

Check out the map below, as well as all the other stuff he did here.

Athelstan Spilhaus's World Ocean Map
Athelstan Spilhaus’s World Ocean Map (Photo credit: