A company called UWIS has developed a new underwater navigation and communication system.

The UWIS system can accurately track up to 100 divers simultaneously over an area spanning 800 meters/2624 feet to a depth of 150m/492ft.

The system consists of four main components:

  • A diver-held tablet with navigation and communication capability.
  • A transmitter mounted to the diver’s tank which communicates with the tablet via Bluetooth.
  • A transmitter buoy equipped with GPS and WIFI.
  • A browser operated surface interface.

The system works by relaying data from the diver’s transmitter to the surface via the buoy. With this new system, divers locations are able to be tracked to within a few meters, and both the diver and the surface monitor can communicate via a series of preset messages.

The UWIS is the perfect companion for commercial and recreational diving missions and helps plan and execute safe dives.

You can find out more about the UWIS system here or check out a test of the UWIS system below.