We’re getting reports in that Chen Chao, a Chinese competitive freediver has been missing for 5 days in Palau after disappearing on a spearfishing trip.

Chao, a well-known Freediver in the Chinese competitive circuit, was an experienced freediver with a PB of 105m in Constant Weight (CWT).

He was last seen at the Dog Reef which is located in Ngereemeungi at 14:30 on 19th November 2018.  He was wearing a 3mm blue spearfishing wetsuit and 3kg of weight.

Volunteers and the Palau National Marine Department are searching the area with 5 boats and a helicopter performing searches along with Scuba Divers underwater.

A weight belt and speargun were recovered on 21st November but authorities are unclear if these are Chao’s.

Any volunteers interested in helping out should contact the Palau National Marine Department.