March 4th was a good day for Chris Crawshaw.  An active member of the Apneists UK group, Chris has been working very hard over the past couple of years to hone his freediving abilities — as of yesterday he saw that hard work pay-off as he skillfully set a new UK national freediving record. Coached by Steve Millard, Crawshaw performed a clean dive of 150 meters in the discipline of dynamic no fins (DNF).  Crawshaw’s dive took two minutes and :26 seconds to complete before he was presented with a much welcomed white card.  After a good set of results at last year’s World Championships, this new national title is a great start to the new year for Chris.

What’s more, Crawshaw’s new national title heightens the anticipation for next weekend’s UK Nationals, where Britain will crown a new pool champion. readers can check out a few more pictures of Crawshaw’s record-setting attempt here and watch a video of his dive below.

Chris would like to thank Total Fitness for hosting the event.