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COARE launches Ambassador program for Shark Safe initiative

The Center for Oceanic Awareness, Research, and Education, known more commonly by its acronym “COARE”, recently announced that it is seeking Ambassadors for its Shark Safe certification program.

The Shark Safe program offers certification to qualifying restaurants and select businesses that demonstrate a commitment to shark conservation, and uses an easily recognizable logo to distinguish participating establishments.

COARE began development of its Shark Safe program in early-2007, seeking to protect sharks by raising awareness of threats to shark populations and by reducing the demand for shark products.  In July of 2007, Jim Toomey, the artist behind the popular syndicated cartoon Sherman’s Lagoon, joined the effort and helped form the Shark Safe logo in use today.

The forthcoming Shark Safe website ( is under development, and will serve as a portal for consumers to find certified Shark Safe establishments, and for businesses aspiring to become Shark Safe to learn more about the program.  As a conservation based effort, will also offer information about the plight of sharks and about the need for their conservation.

COARE’s recent announcement noted its plan to expand the program and that it was seeking Ambasssadors to extend the reach, depth, and effectiveness of the Shark Safe effort.

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Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelan
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