Cornell, Queensland Universities Offering Free Online Shark Biology Course

Cornell University and the University of Queensland are offering a free, online shark biology course.

Looks like this summer’s upcoming “Shark Week” on the Discovery Channel won’t be the only place you’ll be able to learn more about sharks.

Cornell University in the USA and the University of Queensland in Australia have teamed up to launch a free, online course to teach shark biodiversity, biology and conservation issues.

The four-week course, which begins on June 28, will teach shark anatomy, habitats, evolutionary history, the shark’s role in the underwater ecology and more, according to the course website:

“This is an exciting time to be a shark biologist. An explosion of new research methods and technologies are leading to a surprising world of discovery. We’ll introduce new, as well as traditional techniques, for classifying sharks, understanding behavior, and unraveling the mysteries of shark evolution. You’ll be invited to explore global shark populations and consider shark-human interactions and their impacts on history and culture.”

While the course itself is free, it’ll cost you US$49/44 Euros to order the certificate of completion.

For more information about the course, check out the video below or click here to register.