If you’re going to collect things, better make sure they’re in good condition. You never know when they might fetch a hefty bid on the auction market.

A British couple that owned a sizeable collection of old-school diving helmets and associated equipment earned a big payday when they decided to auction that collection off. The collection included helmets from the USA, Brazil, Canada, Russia and Japan.

The auction — run by Bearnes Hampton & Littlewood, netted Tony and Yvonne Pardoe £570,000/US$761,791/687,620 Euros.

One buyer even paid £8000/US$10,689/9,651 Euros for a 1905-model Morse Diving Equipment Company U.S. Navy MK V Helium MOD-1 helmet, the largest sum paid for any of the items.

Check out the auctioneers’ video below on the items that were up for bidding, or go to the Bearnes Hampton & Littlewood website.