Cressi Introduces GOA Dive Computer

Check Out Cressi's New GOA Dive Computer
Check Out Cressi's New GOA Dive Computer

Cressi recently introduced a new dive computer that can be used for either scuba or freediving.

The new GOA dive computer has a 48-millimeter/1.86-inch diameter that’s small enough for regular, everyday wear. You can even deactivate the dive functions when you’re snorkeling or swimming.

Waterproof down to 120 meters/394 feet, the GOA sports an internal logbook that can store up to 50 dives, be they freedives or air/Nitrox dives. For air/nitrox diving, it has Cressi’s RGBM algorithm, a diving data processor, a graphic indicator of CNS toxicity level of oxygen, a safety stop indicator and much more.

In free dive mode, the GOA can display depth, temperature, a dive calculator, maximum dive depth, dive time, the length of the surface intervals between each dive, and a lot more.

According to Scuba Diver Life, the GOA will retail for about US$399/377 Euros.

For more info on the GOA, check out the Cressi website at

Of course, the GOA isn’t the only new offering by Cressi. Check out for other new products Cressi is introducing.